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04-14-2003, 09:57 PM
enough of paul shaffer's(remember spinal tap,spank me)lame band doing tool's schism,i certainly hope that as many people as possible got to see the fall 2002 tour,especially towards the end in november,i saw a show in st.paul mn in sept,and they performed triad to complete the trilogy of songs that preceeded it.i was completely sucked in,but then i saw them in phoenix on nov 19,and they did it much different.to this day,i have never been in an ENVIRONMENT of that level of intensity and energy,both positive and negative,ever.i suspect it may never happen again.there are no words that could begin to describe the intense energy in america west.maynard said they would be filming that night,and if so i think that third eye and triad footage should be required.let's hope for the best.if anyone was at that show,speak up.i later found out that they did film the final six shows of the tour,which phoenix was one.third eye was extended also,towards the beginning.triad and third eye definitely stole the show.i downloaded a avi file of triad in bakersfield about 2 weeks before and it was nothing like phoenix,and since this is the triad section,i thought i would speak.one thing i will say for all of you brilliant lyrical interpreters,this song really represents the pure energy and emotion that inspired tis being(tool)to be born(or conceived and realized if you like)i think that the band feels the same way,and maybe this explains why they left no energy spared for this performance,and the cameras of course,so that fans can experience their musicianship and energy driven artistic expression to an audience that won't be at the show.there seems to be a fine line between cold,ugly pain,and warm beautiful spirit,and sometimes they even intertwine or overlap each other,and no one expresses this overlapping better than maynard,adam,justin,and danny.this expression has greatly influenced my life and how i live my life,i think it can help many people,and i don't think you even need to like the music necessarily,as long as you can grasp some of these pure,attainable concepts.as far as i'm concerned as long as you are a living, feeling and loving HUMAN BEING ,let's not forget some aren't,you should be able to understand some of this,which i'm sure all,or most on this website do.