View Full Version : Reconciliation

The Pink Jeezus
04-10-2003, 12:36 PM
It seems to me that this song follows the general theme of the album, that being recovering a sort of fractured self due to abuse. There is an internal phenomena of the self splintering at a young age due to extreme trauma and i feel that this song is message from the self left behind to the then present maynard. Also toss in the fact that after hearing prison sex the abuse probably did involve some sort of anal sex hence the multiple meanings of 4 degrees. Also, a sort of side thought is that lines "locked up inside you like the calm beneath castles is a cavern of treasures that no one has been to" has a very Jungian subconscious feel to it, digging beneath the layers of conscious rust to find out whats really going on. And if we want to add Jung into the heap of goodies and get deep into the subconscious we can also look at the relationship between shit and gold in the alchemical sense, returning the place of abuse by returning to 4 degrees ( a rather fruity metaphor but still holding true) to turn the shit to gold, turn piss to wine? A fitting song to follow the emptiness of undertow. Aenima's Jimmy is a fitting counterpart. Anyways...

Let me know what you think, toss out some in put