View Full Version : My Elitist Opinion ( you know you want to read it)

11-23-2002, 05:51 PM
This is definitly my favorite song on this album, from the 4 minute intro to the very end. The intro definitly builds up and creates an energy all by itselve, I've heard the live version and I agree, without the intro there seems to be something missing. I will mention that I feel the same way about Eulogy as well, it doesn't sound as powerfull if you skip the 2 minute intro.

On the the song itself. everyone has those turning points in life where everything that they used to know changes, or gets ripped out from under them. I don't mean just the major changes of losing a loved one, finding your faith lacking etc etc. our lives go through stages, from childhood to teenage to adult hood with each one of those broken down into smaller stages, and often the movement from one stage into another is either brought on by, or results in a change in the way you see the world.

of course everytime you go t hrough something like that you assume that, ah now i understand, and of course you start to build your comfy little view point in your comfy little world, and sooner or later it happens all over again. kind of like when you hear a song and you dig it for one reason, then go back and listen to it years later, and dig it for a completly different reason.

The only other thing I can think of, and it's kind of out there I guess, is that the song reminds me of focusing on the moment. I myself have found myself at a loss from focusing to much on the past and/or future that I've lost my ability to deal with the present. the song reminds me of a mosh pit (try thinking about the past or future in the middle of a mosh pit!!) or some other place where action is immediate without consideration of the past or worry of the future. I don't know exactly why the song reminds me of that, but it does. anyway im done rambling.

11-24-2002, 01:39 PM
Hey, I pretty much agreee with you on this one.

This song is very powerful, and without the intro, it's not the same. It builds up the energy and kind of repeats in pattern (security) and then changes suddenly when the lyrics begin (disruption). It's strange how the sound of the song mirrors the message I get from it. Well, here goes...

Life has a way of testing you, and most often when you least expect it. Something will come up, some change, or some event that can drastically change your point of view, way of thinking, current situation, or environment. It will change everything, and you kind of have to start from scratch.

Even when you think you're safe, that nothing could possibly happen that would effect you, it will.

I should also point out that these changes are not always a bad thing... Someone in your family or social circle having a baby is a good example. It's certainly not a bad thng (most of the time) but it does certainly change everything.

The human race has a bad habit of having a false sense of security. Having this pitfall, when something does happen, it's effect is multiplied. It makes it worse. Or better, if you're lucky.

This also ties in with the concept of comfortable-vulnerability. If you can achieve that, nothing can overpower you in this manor. You will be comfortable in your space and situation, but ready to expect, accept, and adapt to change freely without disruption.