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05-13-2006, 07:36 PM
Just like TOOL stumbled on to fame by accident (they were just trying to make music, to explore themselves, and their relationship to the Universe in which we live), possibly they've stumbled somewhere along the way in to some SERIOUS spiritual matter.

46+2, christ consiousness. I think this is what they've been getting at all along. I just can't think of a much more perfect medium for a second coming to convey a message. I also believe the second coming, is going to occur in multiple people. That we all have the ability to awaken the Christ/Buddah mind within us. There's just been a few christmas lights along the wiring that have brought us illumination and insight. Christ, Ankhenaten, Buddah...Regular human evolution is the electrical current that runs from each of these light bringers. And this time, could TOOL and the collective unconscious be the next light? We are all "the hero". Maynard offers wine in the picture. The blood of christ? Who knows.

All I can say, is from my standpoint, TOOL holds the karma-less position in Music right now, and BOY do they have a lot of power. They have transformed themselves, their music, and their fan base, in to, a collective psychedelic.

From my experience, TOOL is just as essential of a mate for the psychedelic experience, as cannabis. Their music, most def. get's you higher, and also for me, invokes spirits/entities/lingusitic elves, and even helps my visions lock in to their geometrical place. Man...I'm new to posting on this site...I feel like everything I've posted so far is just useless crappola....maybe it will spark something in someone.

(Shrugs) I try.

- ∑mptﻹ
05-13-2006, 07:41 PM
there is so much more that beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilites