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05-12-2006, 12:18 PM

The Pot
Forty Six & Two


06-17-2006, 03:48 PM
Ok, just came back from the show.

Setlist (I'm pretty sure it's correct):
The Pot
Forty-Six & Two
Schism (but it was faster & heavier during the "Cold Silence..." part)
Sober (with a little intro-jam)
Total playtime of about 1 hour.

This was my first Tool-show and I'm absolutely amazed. There were NO mistakes, no fuckups and even the 46&2 solo part was in time. The sound was really good for an open-air and you could hear every instrument.
Maynard did a great job, especially when he sang the intro to The Pot, which blew me away. I didn't think that he could do it live like on CD, but I was so wrong! He didn't really talk to the audience at all, only said something like "see you in november".
The highlight of the show definitely was Lateralus. It was so full of energy and the animations on the screens were incredible.
The weakest song was Jambi - at least in my opinion. I don't really like it on cd and I couldn't get into it live either. I mean, the talkbox-solo is great but that's it. The rest of the show totally kicked ass, and if I say totally, I MEAN totally.

There were only 2 problems that really pissed me off. First, Tool had to play AFTER FUCKING BLOODHOUND GANG and BEFORE EVEN MORE FUCKING GUNS & ROSES. I think you can guess the average age of the audience...
Second, Tool is an absolutely no-name-band in Austria. So there were approximately 200 hardcore fans who know the lyrics, let's say 2000 people who listened and enjoyed and about 30.000 people who didn't even know Tool and came for either FUCKING BLOODHOUND GANG or EVEN MORE FUCKING GUNS & ROSES.
But this way I had very, very... no really: veeery much space to bang my head and stood almost in the front row, about 10 meters away from the band :) .

06-18-2006, 04:10 AM
Joining my voice to the rest to say how awesome the show was last night. After all, I bought the tickets to NOVA ROCK cos of just two bands, qotsa and TOOL.

We were right in front, just right of the stage under the second video wall. As I expected lots of people would not stay to hear them out, TOOL is just too complex for some. Their loss, my gain. We had lots of space to enjoy the music and move. Simply great. Definitely the highlight of the festival.

Also, they said: hope to see you in November !!!!

P.S. I could have sworn they also played Right in Two as well... not too sure

06-18-2006, 07:19 AM
My first Tool show

Stinkfist (extended)
The Pot
Forty-Six & Two
Schism (extended)

* Maynard wore again jeans, belt with a sparkling revolver-buckle (funny) & a cowboy hat. he incooperated this appereance with his usual twisted compulsions, which was definatly funny to look at. Adam did his thing while either looking into the audience (simple guitar parts), to this guitar (complex guitar parts) or to others to 'sync' (tool parts). Justin seemed to have really gotten into it. Although Danny kicked the best out of his drumkit, which looked smaller than usual btw, i think he did hold back a bit, not sure why. I've heard/seen him going 'stronger', for example during the extended Stinkfist part or the start of Sober. But he sure as hell did a better job than any other drummer on this festival ;)

* There were minor mistakes, but you couldn't even call them that. For example, one part of a song started earlier after the other than it does on the record. But hey, what do i know, maybe it was on purpose.

* They did only play a little over an hour. what a shame, because they didn't have the time for long, build-up songs like right in two or rosetta stoned. there wasn't even a pause between lateralus and vicarious.

* Like said before, the audience was the biggest disappointment. Moshpits spawned and vanished more or less randomly in the crowd, leaving a lot of fans struggling not to fall on the ground instead of enjoying the show. Crowdsurfers used every oppurtinity to destroy everyones experience but their own. I had to watch my back six times during lateralus alone, you can guess how much i could appreciate the song.

So, their show was great, the audience was bad and my personal concert experience was something in between. Maybe i should add that i was completly sober, because i had to drive afterwards ...

Well then, see you in November then?

06-18-2006, 09:24 AM
But this way I had very, very... no really: veeery much space to bang my head and stood almost in the front row, about 10 meters away from the band :) .

You must have been lucky, I was in the 4th row in front of Adam and had not enough space to even raise my arms. Lots of moshing and crowdsurfing. :(
Neverheless a great gig with Lateralus definately being the highlight. The fast played bridge in Schism kicks ass.

Come on November and a gig with hopefully no Bloodhound Gang Fans in the crowd.

06-18-2006, 11:09 AM
I just arrived home from NovaRock, i've spent there my last 4 days, and it was great, but obviously Tool was the best part of it.

I was really pissed off that they were not the last band playing on that (the 3rd (the last)) day, so they had to consider time limitations. (from 21:45 was tool - they probably were 3 or 4 minutes late, and from 23:45 fucking G'n'R was scheduled, with that half-dead Axel Rose asshole.)
Obviously it was quite a mistake from the organizers to put Bloodhound Gang before Tool. BG are some sick motherfuckers, i found their show entertaining, but it shouldn't have been before Tool. (btw nothing should have been before or after tool:))), but i wasn't really pissed of by the BH fans, i think they more or less left the area before the stage itself.
Not like those GNR fuckers! Before me there was a really disgusting couple - they were waiting for GNR - they started to boo and show their middle fingers to The Band from about the second track. They REALLY pissed me off.
So, as i said, it wasnt the BH fans who disturbed me while the show (that was where i stood, probalby elsewhere it wasnt like this), but some other people who came for tool.
For e.g. i met a guy before the show in the crowd, who heard my conversation with my friend, and turned round, and said "tool will fuckin rock" or sth like that. And about 4 minutes later he asked me: "and btw, how hard music do they play".... WTF? Was i really fighting people in the first lines who have never heard tool before?
And there were some other sick/drunk guys, who claimed themselves Tool fans, and then during the show started moshing and crowdsurfing...

Btw I was standing in probably the 4th line, almost front of the stage, in front of Maynard. I didnt want to go closer, because even from here i missed the legs of Danny, because of the front ledge of the stage.
( and i was hoping to get one of Danny's sticks, what i didn't manage to. :'( (he threw them slightly to the sides...))
Btw Maynard really behaved nicely: there was some unbearable heat at the show, and when he arrived to the stage he saw the 6-8 bottles of drinks placed for Him, and immediately threw 3 of them to the crowd, and when the show finished, did so with the remaining ones. (i didnt manage to catch any of those neither:'()

The concert was really brilliant, all the guys did their best, wihtout mistakes or anything. (i found one mistake, but i think it was the sound amplifirer divice's fault, when a certain, very loud sound of Justins bass failed to sound well, it creaked for a sec, but nothing more.)

And of course the amazing animations during the show. i couldn't pay too much attention to them, but they were mostly the videos for the tracks, mixed with some nonfigurative images, even some from the new artwork. (i forgot which track was it in, but i remember seeing for e.g. the flaming coil picture.) For e.g. Jambi featured some images of flames bouncing and dancing to the rhytm of the music, it was really cool with the other lights turned down, and maynards silhouette moving before them.

Finally i can take my "things to do before i die" (or "things to do in my life", 'cause i'm young, but you know how it goes, half empty or half full:))) list, and cross out "see tool live", and then add "see tool live for the second time".

(But anyway, I've seen Tool live, I'm dying happy.)

Thank you Tool.
P.S.: no, Ginalee, they didn't play Right In Two.

06-18-2006, 11:20 AM
I agree with the other posts. The Show was really great but the crowd was bad. I watched it from a little distance to the stage because i wanted to enjoy it and not get hit by elbows or feets.

Finally i've seen Tool, as the guy above me said: I can take my "things to do before i die" list and and cross out "see tool live".

See you in November! :)

06-18-2006, 12:25 PM
Well, it also was my first Tool-Gig and what can I say:
It was awesome, although it was way too short.

Let's believe in Maynard's words and hope for November!

06-18-2006, 01:24 PM
Finally i can take my "things to do before i die" (or "things to do in my life", 'cause i'm young, but you know how it goes, half empty or half full:))) list, and cross out "see tool live", and then add "see tool live for the second time".

(But anyway, I've seen Tool live, I'm dying happy.)

Thank you Tool.
P.S.: no, Ginalee, they didn't play Right In Two.

Thanks for clarifying, I was busy typing song titles into my cell notes thingy and couldn't quite keep up. I've already made a TOOL Setlist playlist on my IPOD so I can relive a semblance of the concert again and again...

Thanks to all for sharing their experiences.

I've seen TOOL and I'm not dead yet, cos I wanna see em again ;) hehe

06-19-2006, 12:36 AM
it was my first tool show and it was so awsome!! incredible!
i agree with fugitive, i'm dying happy now that i've seen tool.
I'm looking forward to seeing them "in november"!

06-19-2006, 09:22 AM
I was also there, standing on the 2nd row in front of Adam and I have to say that this gig was a life experience! After being forced to bare the worst and most annoying band ever aka Bloodhound Gang, the absolute perfection followed. I dont care about the stupid crowd who was completely ignorant of the phenomenon named tool cause i was totally astonished by the music, the animations and the whole performance. No more to say, those who were there know what I mean, the rest would better try to catch tool somewhere else, preferably alone without support acts and so on. Cant wait till the next time...Thank you guys for the unforgettable show!

06-19-2006, 11:51 AM
Yey @! finally i saw tool for the first time... was so amazing with the screens and the lights, it was just so exciting i felt like a six year old again (im 18 btw), they played just about every track i wanted them to play, and they played their ass off... danny carey was incredible... maynard was also incredible. overall... I hope ill get to them again sometime.
P.S - Bloodhound gang were soooooo funny, was a great show before tool...

06-19-2006, 11:07 PM
It was genius. But... has anyone noticed what happened at the end? Adam waved good-bye and left, but Maynard, Danny and Justin wanted to stay a while and stay together in front of the audience. I think Maynard wanted Adam to stay...

edit: Hopefully they visit us again in November like he said, but he also said that with A Perfect Circle and they didn't came back to us =(...

06-20-2006, 04:37 AM
This was my first tool show as well. Wow is all I can say. I was right up against the second barrier in the center, not too far away but still close enough to see everything perfectly. Lateralus was killer. Stinkfist was also amazing. It sucked though, everyone seemed to be mroe stunned at Tool than enthralled. I thought they played 10000 times better than fucking guns n roses and the bloodhound gang, but no one seemed really into it.

What pissed me off was a chick who was a few people to my right caught one of Danny's signed drum heads. This was the same bitch who took her shirt off for the bloodhound gang and was so into Guns n Roses that she would have sucked Axel off on the goddamn stage.

I have a ticket to see em again this sunday in prague, I hope they play a ton more since its just them (maybe an opener?) at the show.

came out 2 watch u play
06-21-2006, 03:45 AM
my third tool show, and – I hate to say it - I’ve seen them doing better…
don’t get me wrong, I loved the show and to be honest, tool were the main reason to get me a ticket for nova, drive 7 hours (one way...) and get stuck in a traffic jam for fuckin’ 3 hours.
and it was definitely worth it. still I must say I expected a little bit more. I think the sound was way too “bassy” and if I didn’t know the lyrics so damn well I wouldn’t have gotten lot of it, at least from where I was standing (approx. 15 metres away from the stage I guess).
also, to me it did sound they screwed up some passages but it didn’t bother at all. you could also take it as done on purpose, dunno. maybe I was just comparing too strongly with the shows back in 2001 and 2002. especially 2001 sounded so incredibly perfect, every single tune was just as on the album. it just left me speechless and I could only stand and watch them in total awe and admiration. this time they did more variations, which is – of course - cool, too!!
what really bothered me, however, was the fact that they played some songs kinda slowly. anybody noticed or just my imagination? especially jambi and schism. I think lot of the energy and dynamics of these songs get lost when they’re played so slowly. the second part of schism seemed to be at normal speed and I liked it way better.
I couldn’t believe the show already was about to end when I heard the first “hey” of aenema, it seemed they had just begun 10 mins ago… way too short!!!!!! but that’s what you get at a festival. how could they even set tool before gnr? I wish they had been placed as a main act, they definitely deserve to!
visuals (as always) were awesome and I simply love maynard’s attitude and weird way of dancing. fuckin’ poser ;-)
needless to mention the great skills of those guys, they simply kick ass!
and I just can’t wait until NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be there, reaching out to embrace whatever may come!

06-21-2006, 03:55 AM
This too was my first Tool experience. I loved every note! It was amazing and I for one love Jambi! It was absolutley mindblowing and I had chills the whole time. I can't see how anyone could complain about Tool AT ALL. Especially with that over blown idiot Axel following. Tool should have been last, but at least you could get out of there without having to fight traffic.
I cannot wait to see them again and again. I've heard some bitch about the cd being "different". Screw that, Maynard is a genius and people need to just enjoy the damn music and shut the fuck up. He is the furthest thing from pretentious; which is what I keep reading about in reviews. He gives a show, a real show! Thank god that there is still someone out there who just gives a great show and does their own thing not giving a shit what that mainstream retards think.
I am a lover of music, plain and simple! Thanks Tool!

06-22-2006, 10:10 AM
I`m from Austria so please excuse bad english misakes

It was even my first TOOL show. It was amazing.
Tool was the best act from the whole Festival.
I bought the ticket to see Metallica and Tool.
Tool banged extremely.
The sound was incredible. They played the songs perfectly.
The only thing that was damn fucking was the Band before and after.
If tool had been the Headliner they could have played longer. The show was a bit too short.
I really wanted to see a drum solo or something but it wasnt enough time for it.
I had been even 15 meters away from the stage.
Another negative thing was that there had been to much fans from the Bloodhoundgang and guns n roses.
fucking bloodhoundgang and even more fucking guns n roses

In my opinion the hole tool show was perfect and Im really looking forward to the next show.