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05-11-2006, 11:20 PM
i go to a catholic school and the religious compnent of year twelve is philosophy.
in philosophy at the momment we are discussing metaphysics and are watching the movie contact (already discussed reference to viginti tres).

to make a long story short(er), plans are apparently sent from a star 26 light years away called vega. the plans are for a transportation device and it is built. it works by dropping a pod (wiht a passenger inside) into 3 spinning rings whihc spin around eachother, the main character (jodie foster) does this and ends up on a planet wiht a beach (after going through an aray of wormholes) , an alien appears in the form of her dad who passed away "to make things easier" . the alien tells her that this contact is the first step and earth must take it slow (his message for earth). "this is how it has been done for billions of years" she returns form her journey and it seems that the people who were wathing the "launch" take place only saw the pod drop straight through the rings and in to the waiting ocean. it is deemed a failure. so whie she is in "space" no time passes on earth. but she still calims that she had this experience, however hardly anyone believes her because she has no evidence.

while watching this wiht my mate, (also a big tool fan) we figured that the similarities were a big coincidence.... or the song makes refernece to the movie (but i doubt it)

i would like to thear any thoughts on this if poeple have seen the movie.

05-11-2006, 11:55 PM
This was a pretty popular movie, I doubt you needed to explain it, nevertheless, it's source info is the book of the same name by Carl Sagan.

It's a brilliant book and a very good movie, although some of the mongloids thought the ending didn't make sense. The idea was, there was no real revelation besides a self-examination. It could have been an alien, her father (notice when he says "you've got your mothers hands"), it could have been heaven, a planet near Vega, imagination, a dream on board this craft, it was written with several available interpretations. But the joke, like you see on South Park is 'the alien was her dad' or some shit. Of course missing the point.

All that said, the idea of the end of Contact was supposed to convey the Christ-like story, an allusion to religion, not a detraction or endorsement, just an allusion, that Ellie came back from this journey only to be believed by those who had faith that what happened to her was real. Or she was bat-shit crazy and wishing thoughts of her deceased father into being. A really smart movie, I think. it didn't answer anyting for you. Carl Sagan was trying to get people to open their minds to possibilities.

I could see some similarities.
Where the implication is back on faith, the guy can't prove it and pleads for you to believe what he just said. You could think he's just a hippy baked out on acid and thought he saw some shit, or he could have actually seen something and the reader/listener/viewer is left to take the "evidence" for what it's worth.

Because there is the possibility that it's real, it's probably less important what the message was told to him (or not) than it is to believe that what happened to him is true? I hope that made sense. In other words, some people might be hung up that he forgot the secret of the universe, the fact he shit the bed, the fact he's trippin balls and might be oblivious to the fact that he's telling the truth, he saw aliens. And might just discount that altogether, throwing the baby with the bathwater.

Very interesting thoughts. mad017

I still think the song is satire, but I am open to new ideas, I don't claim I know 100% what it's all about, I don't know how anyone could.

05-12-2006, 12:23 AM
Vondruke, thankyou for your very in depth answer, that was exactly what i was looking for. i also liked the fact that the film left viwers wiht a very open mind. you still dont knwo if she's even telling the truth, or she dreamt this (althoug there is the 18 hoursof static) and i like the fact that we are left to decide what happned to her.

one aspect i liked was the fact that she didnt belive in god vecause there was no proof but when roles were reversed she pleaded for poeple to believe her ET story regardless of her lack of proof....

thanks again for your reply

05-12-2006, 12:37 AM
one aspect i liked was the fact that she didnt belive in god vecause there was no proof but when roles were reversed she pleaded for poeple to believe her ET story regardless of her lack of proof....

Yeah, it's littered throught the whole book, ironies, contradictions, quagmires, it's brilliant. The movie does a good job, as much as a movie can do justice to a book.
I like the part that is in the movie where Ellie says "well if it were from God, it would be in the form of a booming voice from the sky!......" and then Pamer says "but a voice from the sky is exactly what you got!"

Can we find a connection back to Rosetta Stoned?

I don't know, I find Maynard to be very direct on this album, pissed, cathartic and humorous. I think it's possible that he just rambled on and "wrote" this song in an improv and thought "wait until the hippies get a hold of this".

But if there is a real message, I like your idea.
In this context, the Rosetta Stone in the movie is the booming voice from the sky, didn't somebody in another thread say that sound (from the movie) iis in Vigniti Tres or some shit? I haven't done the audio research, just read it somewhere on this forum or another. I have no idea, thought I had read that.

At any rate, it's a fun song, it's worth listening to over and over for whatever reasons, if you are trying to figure out the secret messages or just jamming out.

05-12-2006, 12:49 AM
yes they dd say that aout vt, it was actually me!!! watch the film again and check it out