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Spiral Into Nothing
05-10-2006, 10:58 PM
Ok thus far I have only stated why I think this song is not about alien abduction, but have never given my complete thoughts on what it is about.


It starts (or ends depending on how you look at it) with Lost Keys. The narrator has obviously ended up at the hospital. Most likely because he took too much, or freaked out. The doctor goes to see what is wrong with this crazed man, and gets the story.

Which is Rosetta Stoned. All of the lyrics are in the narrators head. They are feelings and visual hallucinations, both brought out at different times. It switches back and forth between describing his visuals and then his feelings (his high). These are common thoughts while on LSD. Such as "This is so real" "Am I alive, am I dead"
"Will I ever be coming down"
Plus his feelings of almost not being able to handle his thoughts/hallucinations
"I cant breathe right now" again a common feeling-thought while on LSD.
"Overwhelmed as on might be placed in my posistion" from then on Is the peak of this song in my (and many others) view.

It has been said that the ROsetta Stone is a KEY to something, which goes back to Lost Keys. Which I personally believe someone check him in, or he check himself in to see the doctor, because he went on with this crazy story and could never remember "what they told him"

But that is not the key he missed. Trying to tell others what he saw/felt/saw was where he lost the key. If he could have kept it to himself and focused on the expierence he could have used it to "Open his third eye" or expand his consciousness.

That however is not the case, so he appears crazy, therefor it statesBlame Hoffman for another whacked out deadhead.