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Loveboat Captain
05-08-2006, 04:33 PM
Blair talked about a key in the artwork

there is a key in the artwork (Dannys clock set to 11.11, the length of rosetta stoned)

The Rosetta Stone was a "key"(i've seen it described this way in every site/book) for deceipering hieroglyphics(and led to a greater understanding of ancient egypt).

LSD is seen by some as a key to a higher understanding of the world. Dr Albert Hoffman discovered the molecule(his name appears in "The Lost keys(Blame Hoffman)"
The song is titled "lost keys". Plural. It could be elduding to the "Key" LSD and the "Key" The Rosetta Stone. Both Keys (when found) have opened doors for people. The Rosetta Stone let us deceipher hieroglyphics(after they'd been out of use for many many years). And LSD leads us to a "greater understanding"(according to Tool).

one interpretation of Rosetta Stoned is that its about some acid head who took too much, had a bad trip and ended up in hospital going insane. Thinking he's seen aliens and they're named him the chosen one. LSD is the key that linked this guy with Aliens.

Here is the vaguest part. What links Aliens with Egypt? Some people beleive that Aliens built the pyramids.

*vague bullshit alert*

Third Eye/Rosetta Stoned link: Rosetta Stoned eludes to Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza are there. This Pyramid is closely linked to the whole third eye thing. I've told its because the third eye(pineal gland) is in the same position in your head as the pyramids is on the earth(although that seems vague and silly).

Also, LSD is said to make you feel a feeling that everything is connected. Synchronisity. LSD linked to the Rosetta Stone.

Im running out of steam. its too late. Someone else finish this!

Loveboat Captain
05-08-2006, 04:34 PM
By the way, sorry if its been said. I just thought it might be worth noting.

05-08-2006, 07:00 PM
i think the only solution is to all take LSD and see what we come up with

05-08-2006, 07:22 PM
i think the only solution is to all take LSD and see what we come up with

hell yeah