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05-02-2006, 11:59 AM

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Forty Six & 2
Right In Two


06-28-2006, 02:54 PM

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Stinkfist (extended)
Forty Six & 2
Schism (extended)
Opiate (!!!)
Intension (intro)
Right In Two

Lot of jam... and Opiate with a special guest, but i dont know who he is... :)


06-28-2006, 05:17 PM
i'm just right back from paris (3 hours from my hometown) and my ears are still buzzing!!
the sound was loud, loud and a bit louder!
first, i would like to mention that there was no support band but it was good like this...
maynard said "i make my money in france", "you can buy t-shirts and posters after the show".. it's not exactly what he said but that's the idea..
the great surprise of the show was Opiate!!!!! there was a guest with maynard; a guy callled antoine or stephane (i 'm not sure) and sure he has a good voice.. that was rad!
another highlight with Lateralus, mjk was like in trance. kickass.
A great show with too much sound

06-28-2006, 05:47 PM
I heard "Ethan" for the name of the guy...
He made some oriental vocalize, very amazing!

Stinkfist, 46&2 , solo of Jambi, Opiate, Vicarious and Aenima was the best part of the set for... i was in the sky!

Maynad says :
- "...Do you like my pretty voice...do you want us to come back ? so stop smocking your fucking cigarettes..."
- "...5 years to see us, you can stop smoking 2 hour..."
- "Goodbye, see you on November"

He was very funny :p

06-28-2006, 08:49 PM
Sound too loud(i like that but i saw lots of people with fingers in their ears)
i was quite near stage & never saw MJK clearly
Great lights sets and screen videos
Played Opiate... awesome!
Shamanic show, a girl besides me was in trance the whole show
37 euros for a bit more than an hour of show is stealing
No communication with the audience except being arrogant. I guess he wanted to be arrogant with people with (a so called) reputation to be arrogant.
Guest guy, "Ethan" had a cool voice but never saw his face. We could hear he's French

Anyway, I think Tool is a studio band, they suck on stage, but this band is really cool and I had a BIG time, especially while Opiate and Lateralus, my favs.

06-28-2006, 11:20 PM
Great show,

Sound was too loud, too much bass
Especially in openingsong Rosetta.
Fast-part in Schism was cool but sound was horrible, it was all one noise.

MJK asked the people to stop smoking and a lot of them did, so we got ourselves an extra treat: OPIATE
Hoped for The Pot, can't always get what you want. They are no fucking Jukebox.

Amazing Danny, Adam, Justin and MJK. They were very friendly at the end and waved a lot. Thank you guys for playing the show. Do it as you like, dont let somebody else tell you what to do. You are the boss

Came all the way from Brugges-Belgium to see them. Was a nice road-trip with 5 friends. There were a lot of traffic problems on the way back. In bed at 5 o'clock.
Alarm-clock at 7. Teaching at 8 o'clock. Enjoying the experience for another 5 years.

06-28-2006, 11:50 PM
Great show but shorter than expected...
Some problems with the guitar sometimes but the sound was globaly great.
The visuals were perfect.
Don't really appreciate the way Mjk acted as a rock'n roll star on that tour.
He looked sometimes like Bono with a punk haircut...
I definetely do appreciate much more the humble attitude of Adam Jones and the rest of the crew.
Hopefully MJK got to be a lot more friendly at the end of the show.
A great performer anyway.

Jambi and Lateralus were my favourites ones : merely wonderfull !!

Some jam between songs reminded me sequences of Pink Floyd's live in Pompei.

The guy who sang on the great version of Opiate wasn't french at all. His name is Heitham Al-Sayed and he played in a british band called SENSER. This act was famous in the 90's for making a really energetic mix of rap,metal and good techno on their 1st LP called "Stacked up". The band is still alive and you should all listen to their last offering called "schematic" on which you can find a contribution from MJK...

You can pay a visit to their site : http://www.senser.co.uk

06-29-2006, 12:35 AM
Hello everyone!
Everybody seems to had fun last night.....
What about them?
Did we give them what they deserve?
Do you think it's easy to concentrate while tourists are taking pictures of a Tool they don't know to use?
I didn't see really people stop smoking after Maynard asked for it, many were hidding their ***s behind the head of the people in front of them, this way MJK couldn't see..... And this was in the middle af the venue, so imagine the energy of the crowd. There were no interaction with the band. Musicians seems to be into it, but Maynard had many difficulties to put his mask on. They spend the first three tracks, trying not to face a mobile phone to get in the mood.
I think, that's why Maynard turned back.
We all say that Tool is different, there is something special, an atmosphere, a message. But did the Zenith audience acted like it? No.
I'm sorry for MJK who didn't have fun, I suppose, most of the time.
We didn't give them a very warm welcome as they deserve it.
They have this power because they work on details, but we don't.
May be for us, to smoke, to take pictures is nothing, but the fact is that we've recieved, this year, a great genius album from them, and they came to play it for us. This should be a good reason to treat them respectfully. Tool, the band we are all talking about, was there last night, and we missed it. I know they can bring magic in the place, but they didn't .
Some would think that MJK had an ego crisis, but, may be we should think that he needs us to be the singer we all admire, to have the power to free himself in front of us
Everything is thought in their perfromance, so we should pay attention.
May be you find this a little too much, but Public needs some review sometimes.
Anyway, it was a great moment to be there as everybody says.
They wiil be back in november, so if you don't do it for them,
think for yourself.... And be prepared!

06-29-2006, 01:35 AM
just about the cigarettes : the frensh english level is low. so to my point of view half of the crowd did not understand what mjk was asking..
and for those who understand, discipline is not a frensh tradition so..... don't blame france!!

06-29-2006, 02:02 AM
The show was memorable... I can't emphasize enough how enthusiastic I was to see them for the first time in Paris.
Sadly, the audience didn't respond well at all in the beginning. I was nearly at the front and when I had eye contact with Maynard, he seemed to be really into it, willing to put on an incredible show. But he did look pissed when he realized that he was facing a crowd who bloody wouldn't listen, for most of them kept on smoking all the friggin time.

I was well chuffed to be that close to the stage (center/ 2nd row) b/c where I stood, most people were singing eagerly, and this was all the more awesome for the highlight of the gig: when they played Lateralus ... EVERYONE around me sang in union at the top of their lungs... this moment was sheer bliss and I did close my eyes for a few seconds - completely focusing on my emotions and with the intriguing feeling that has graced only those who have lived a unique experience.

Thank you Tool for the stellar magic that only you can bring... and I will see you in my hometown in November by all means.

Peter, I do believe that they understood completely was Maynard politely asked.
They just couldn't be bothered to respect him.

On a sidenote my mom lives in France and she claims that discipline isn't your forté.

06-29-2006, 02:32 AM
I was in the concert too and i found it nice, not amazing but nice, Maynard didn't seem really into it... Concerning the cigarett thing, Maynard has to be realistic, he plays in front of a crowd of 8000 persons, how can he imagine that all those people are smart. He has maybe to decrease his waiting concerning his public or make more intimate shows like the one in the Olympia for Aenima tour ( this one was TRULY AMAZING !!!). The more you are known, the more you will welcome at your shows people who come to see you just because someone told them you were nice and not because they are totally self engaged fans...Him, who seems to be a thinker, should maybe think about this too and find a balance between his needs of fame and the bad sides this fame brings.... his little Ego problems are sometimes annoying but the show was really interesting and artistic....it's just a shame nothing could pass between the band and the public...

06-29-2006, 02:36 AM
Saw tool in grenbole and london on this tour. So far the sound has been completely different each time. In the zenith the vocals were very loud which makes a nice change, even if at times it was a bit too much, but thats being over-fussy.
It took a couple of songs for the sound guy to get it sounding great, the drums were a little quiet at first. There seemed to be trouble with the bass for a while but didnt hear anything wrong, maybe it was for the foldbacks that they had a problem. The bass actually sounded a lot nicer than in london or grenbole, more attack on the strings and less mud down in the bass end. The guitar nice and crunchy, and big drum sound...
The only negative thing about the sound is that the drums bass and guitars were sounding a bit compressed or limited on the loud passages, which meant that the dynamics lost out a bit compared to the quiet passages. Maybe they were pushing the PA 3dB too much or something. Cant complain though, much better sound that the previous gigs.
They all played really well, maynard sang beautifully for the most part, cant ask for more anyhow. He was being a bit "arrogant" or whatever you want to call it, but its all good-natured tongue-in-cheek humour, and as long as he's singing well it doesnt matter one bit. I was hoping for "the pot" or maybe even "wings" when he went on about "something special" if people put out their cigarettes. Very annoying that people cant stop smoking for just two hours. Selfish bastards the lot of them.
I was up above the mixing desk, where you could hear everything, a couple of friends were down in the pit and said the bass was too loud, which is normal, so they got what they deserved ! The visuals seemed a bit less inspired than usual somehow.
The guest on opiate was interesting, nice voice, nice trippy passage for it as well. Right in two was amazing, as was aenima and a few others. Cant wait for november, hoping that they'll play a longer set and in the Olympia or Elysée montmartre maybe. Somewhere more intimate.
They still havnt quite reached their peak, performance wise, I imagine it'll take a few months or so before the new songs reach the same level as the old ones, the 2002 lateralus tour was overall a bit better simply because they'd been playing the songs for a year.
So, nice concert, maybe people will stop smoking in public places one day. Fingers crossed. See you in november Tool !

Forgot to mention the amazing scream on stinkfist ! Awesome.
And again, as always, danny 10 out of 10, Adam and justin were a bit slow on one passage (cant remember which song) and danny just grabbed them and sped it up to the proper tempo, just perfect drummer all round. Nice gonging too ! solo on 46&2 lovely...
Other than that justin and adam were great, played together really well on schism and vicarious...

06-29-2006, 03:47 AM
It is probably this guy who sing with Maynard on Opiate...


The singer of Senser.

06-29-2006, 03:48 AM
Hi everyone
I may be the only one who felt kind of deceived after this show. I'm not saying that it wasn't great, because it fuckin was, but a few things bothered me. First of all, I have to say that to I was really surprised that they didn't play "the wings" or just the second part, "10000 days". To me it is one of the best song they wrote, and they didn't played it although it is on their last album (and I believe that if the name of the album is 10000days, it is because they know that song is really awsome). Before the show, I couldn't have imagined they won't play this song. Does someone knows if they have played it in this tour?? I was waiting for 'the pot' too, but for that one I can understand the choice of other songs.
Another suprising thing is that they played just for an hour and a half, without first part. Maybe the audience wasn't good enough? That could be right, to be honest I was not impressed by the audience... Concerning the cigarette thing, I really believe of lot of people didn't understood. We (french people) are really awful in english so...

The visual aspect of the show (the stage, lights, ...) was really impressive. One of the most beautiful I've seen. But I was surprised that MJK in never under the lights spots. Surprising but interesting.

The overall sound was good even it was loud. The balance between instruments was really good exept for the guitar which sound went a lot of times over the sounds of drums.
So, a good show, even though it left me with a bitter taste as I was dreamin to hear "the wings"... Hope they'll play it in november.

06-29-2006, 03:48 AM
The guy who sang on the great version of Opiate wasn't french at all. His name is Heitham Al-Sayed and he played in a british band called SENSER. This act was famous in the 90's for making a really energetic mix of rap,metal and good techno on their 1st LP called "Stacked up".

No shit? Are you sure about this?

I'm a huge fan of Senser, but didn't recognize him. Stacked Up must have been one of the best 90's albums ... check it check it out, put it put it on, c'mon c'mon!

Anyway, the concert :

The sound was not as good as it was in Luxemburg (except for the vocals, which were really clear now!), but the atmosphere was a lot better. All you guys saying that the crowd wasn't in to it ... you should have seen the crowd in Luxemburg. They were doped or something ... believe me if I say that the crowd in the Zenith was absolutely enthousiast!

Highlights :

* Maynard behind the screens during Rosetta Stonend! How funny was that!
* Stinkfist
* Right in Two
* Opiate
* Aenema

Adam appearantly had some sound-issues. It seemed whenever the had built up to a climax, and the song had to break open, their was some kind of compression on the guistars, which made the song fall back instead of reaching an absolute climax.

06-29-2006, 03:49 AM
woooww... and this :


06-29-2006, 04:13 AM
It's not a problem about the lack of discipline about the french people.
I don't know how it is in other countries when Tool are playing.
Do people stop smoking when MJK ask them ?
And indeed, does he ask them to stop ?

Anyway I enjoy the show very much. And a lot of people do.
And I considered what MJK was saying as a part of the show.
But sometimes his reactions are too extreme. I don't smoke and I feel disturbed when people smoke beside me. But I have a mixed opinion about what happened yesterday. In a way I do agree with MJK. But when people pay 35 euro to see your band you should be indulgent with their global attitude.

The problem comes mainly from the venue which should apply a non-smoking area on all the place from the entrance... And I hope this thing will happen soon in all venues !!

But at the end, don't take this too seriously. We were there to have fun.
And it worked !!!

06-29-2006, 04:36 AM
It is probably this guy who sing with Maynard on Opiate...


The singer of Senser.

It could be, I've heard a old live show where this guy sang Opiate with Maynard and that was really close to what we heard last night.

06-29-2006, 05:49 AM
It is written in the article in Wickipedia concerning Heitham Al-Sayed that his band SENSER had broke up some years ago.

But the band is still alive and touring UK and Europe reguraly.
They played in Paris and touring France last year.
An english tour is announced in september.
And hopefully a European one just after...
Their last LP is called "Schematic" on which there is a contribution from MJK.

If you liked the way he sang on Opiate you'll like the psychedelic metal sound of SENSER. But most of the times is a rapping perfomer in a powerfull way.
It sounds a bit like RATM with an electronic music master in it !!!

you can hear and download mp3 on :


06-29-2006, 06:37 AM
Zed it's really no surprise that they didn't play neither "the Wings" nor "10,000 days". We knew they wouldn't.
We were also aware that there would be no supporting band.

All the gigs they've done are warm-ups and thus, the setlist is remotely similar at each and every venue.
So we knew what to expect...but they truly gave us a great gift with "Opiate".

Pertaining to the non-smoking policy that hasn't been adopted (blame le Zenith on that)... well I believe that if the artist suggests that he would be more comfortable without them smoking, I would imagine that it's the fans' duty to take a listen and act accordingly. But then again some people have no sympathy.

06-29-2006, 11:55 AM
Hi, ok, soooo Paris....

first off i would like to say it was awesome to see tool again in yet again, another venue smaller than what i am used to in the U.S.,...very enjoyable. there were a couple of sound issues, i think depending on where you were it could have been super saturated. we were sitting in the first section of seats, stage center left, the sound wasn't too bad from there, however, i agree it was a bit loud last night, and got muddy at times. the opiate stuff was great, GREAT,...! it was pretty hot in there, but overall, i enjoyed it very much.

i didn't like it when they unrolled a screen, and proceeded to play a trailer for the new pirates of the carribean movie,...who gives a sh*t about that kind of stuff at a tool concert??? i thought they would bust out with a video for vicarious or somethin cool,...but alas,...it was that crap. i thought MJK was being quite funny last night,...i didn't find anything "arrogant" about his behaivor at all. i thought it was funny that he said he was "now a rich man" he said he "bet all his money on France, sorry spain," referring to the world cup stuff,...funny,....also, it was funny when he was talking about the t-shirts, he made a comment about look at the first row, and said "you are aware we sell other color t-shirts than black" and then said, "think positive",...funny again. i read that someone made a comment about how they didn't like his "rock-star" behavior, where as, i have to really disagree. i think his charisma is great, and i saw them a bunch during the lateralus tour, and his quiet, somber mood was not my favorite "Maynard"

now to address what seems to be one of the big issues among the reviews,..
the smoking----
first off, i AM a smoker, so this is not some, non-smoker standing on a soapbox, blah, blah blah....
i can't sit on my high horse and say i didn't smoke ANYTHING at the show, but i didn't smoke any cigarettes, i have to agree with MJK, 2 hours every 5 years is not that big of a deal. it might be a drag to all of us smokers in the venue, but at the same time, he has made the conscious decision to NOT smoke, and they have been touring for a long time, having to deal with it for years, since he has decided not to smoke, i think if he asks us to not indulge in that habit for a little while when we see them live is not asking that much. i'm not trying to be preachy, but second hand smoke is not good, and you could tell by the end of the concert that his throat was bugging him. so let's say just for the sake of arguement,...that MJK or any other member of TOOL got,...lung cancer, or chronic bronchitis,...or some other crappy thing,...no one else would be to blame other than us, the tool fans,...and that sucks,...i personally don't want that on my shoulders, so for them to ask for 2 hours of our time, should not be that big of a deal. they aren't saying,...don't smoke joints,..which may be inconsequential,...i guess ppl don't have to get high at the shows either,...but cigarettes,..i mean come on,...i smoke cigarettes,..and to sit there and say i can't go 2 hours without one, is a load of sh*t. not to be redundant with my review of grenoble, but, if they ask us for a little favor, after all we get in return from them,..i think if we are really true, loyal fans,..we can oblige their request if it helps them entertain us for more years to come. sorry to act preachy, and stand on a soapbox, but,...if something were to happen to any of them from us lighting up,...would that smoke really have been worth it??

and to whoever it is who said they suck live, and they are a "studio band",.............were you THERE last night???? seriously, anyone who says tool live isn't one of the most kick ass things ever,...needs to re-evaluate their experience. some TOOL shows are better and more entertaining than others, but even if it isn't the BEST tool show, it's still a TOOL show,.....they RULE!

.........ok, i'm done now,.....................and here come the complaints about my post!!!

06-29-2006, 12:13 PM
i would also like to say, when MJK replaced the lyrics in Aenima to "f*ck all you smokers, and f*ck your short memories",.......classic!!


06-29-2006, 01:21 PM



greeaaaat show

06-29-2006, 01:45 PM
hell, it was great!:) I came all the way from Bruges, belgium too, but it sure was worth it:). Danny sure as hell knows what he's doing. The others too, off course.

What was the 'sécurité' all about? they were just standing there, pointing their flashlights in the crowd, to see who was taking pictures, to then snap the camera or mobile phone or whatever out of their hands. Not that i was taking pics, but there wasn't even a no-pictures sign, or at least, i didn't see any.

It's a pity they didn't play 10000 days, but then again that song must be really hard to play live. Maybe we'll hear it in november, when they get a better grip on it:).

Oh and, Maynard asking not to smoke in a non-smoking area isn't arrogant... 2 hrs in 5 yrs isn't asked much indeed.

06-30-2006, 03:44 AM
I came all the way from Brussels to watch them play and left with a dubious feeling. The show was great, the sound was very good (at least where I was standing and soo much better then Forest National, a similar music venue in Brussels), the setlist was awesome but I blame the smokers for pissing off MJK and cutting the concert short.

I didn't register when MJK sang "f*ck all you smokers, and f*ck your short memories" in Aenama, but right he is and that to me is the reason why they didn't play any longer and why we missed song like the Grudge and maybe 10.000 Days.

And don't sit there and tell me that French people's knowledge of the English language isn't good enough to understand 2 words in one sentence: stop & smoking. Don't blame it on MJK, blame it on yourself, disrespectful w*nkers!

06-30-2006, 06:30 AM
concerning Opiate, remember Maynard: " We have a surprise for you... Not that you deserve it...."
But they played it. He was fighting with his voice at the end of the show, and I hope it will not affect the following gigs. And don't think they did all that because you've paid any price....

06-30-2006, 09:04 AM
All in all, the concert was great. Maybe it had a few problems in some people's opinion, but the music was really amazing and if you get pissed off at every little thing that you don't like, then you'll never really find a concert that you like.

07-03-2006, 01:16 AM
Very great show, better than in Barcelona (sound was better where I was : just in front of Justin).

Maynard was not fun at all with his cigarette remark (that ended with : "cocksuckers" !!!).
If he did not want the crowd to smoke, then they must tell the security crew to post it everywhere before the show.
Indeed only the security guys in front of us told us to stop smoking before the show began, how could the guys that are behind us know it ?

Maynard seems upset during Jambi and he did not sing this song well at all.

Opiate was wonderfull, thanks Heitam !

Lateralus was for me the best song of this show.

Hope the November shows will last longer !!!

07-03-2006, 06:21 AM
I think you're right about the set list, although I admit I was much too fascinated to remind every song names.
"Lateralus" was gigantic, the best one that night.

07-03-2006, 07:04 AM
Ok, time to say it once for good : TOOL in Paris was a great show.
Also time to say for good what happened that night.

You guys all have some pieces of truth, but here is what has been done and said :

The guest who sang with MJK on Opiate actually was Senser's singer, indeed. All those guys have known eachothers for a long time. I have a tee-shirt from a American festival with Tool, Rage against the Machine and Senser back in 1994 ! Senser was a Rap/techno/metal band quite politically involved. They did great songs, much better than what we can hear from similar bands playing today. Senser sounded kinda like another good ol'band called Clawfingers, although this one was less techno-orientated. Try them both, guys !

About MJK's quotes : he actually asked the assistance to stop smoking in these words : "I have one question for you. Did you like what you've heard so far ? Do you want us to play some more ? Do you like my tiny little voice ? So please stop fucking smoking so my voice lasts 'till the end of the gig... It's only two hours in five years..."

I also find it sad that some of you guys didn't respect him (or didn't understand a damn' fuckin' English word) This could be an explanation for MJK remaining a bit distant from the audience, and refusing to play one more song in the end.

He later said : "I'm a sudden rich man. I bet my money on France" (Let's remind the France-vs.-Spain soccer game, France won, the day before.) He then made a very fine joke, saying that Barcelona could be part of that World Cup. Actually, plus having a great team, some people in Barcelona ask for independence, and say that their team could beat most national teams. He just then said this was a bad joke, but it wasn't, at all. MJK has quite of a good European knowledge, guys !

Let's now talk about music : the best song that night (sound and playin') was Lateralus, no doubt about that. MJK was deeply in it, and it was really fu##in' powerful. The concert opening was great too, but the sound was not fixed yet at that time.
Stinkfist and new songs were also well executed, and I just regret some songs like Grudge or Undertow. By the way, I still don't think Opiate is such a great piece of Tool's catalogue, but hey, you guys seem to like it still !

Let's now be aware about that "see ya in November" thing ! It's surely worth a second shot, don't you think ?