View Full Version : Rosetta Stoned connected with third eye?

04-28-2006, 04:03 PM
I think this is the point, both great and will melt together and tell a story of the ""metaphysical"" acid trip (third eye) and then the crashing down to earth rebound from the trip (Rosetta Stoned) kinda like a hard tripper going nuts and thinking he was abducted and the ABSURDATY of the lyrics (IMO great and funny) is just how explaining many a acid trip is. I just did a bunch of acid in my early 20ds so for me the whole LSD experiane is very "metaphysical" "deep" and what have you but I always have a goofy side to it and always look back on it and any explination of what I saw would be absurd and Rosetta Stoned kinda gives me that vibe, kinda why I love it....its the other side of the coin. I think the riffs used were intentional, and its gonna be great live....Third Eye-LostKeys-Rosetta Stoned. Not a great explination of what im saying, but you get the drift.

Im not saying im Right at all, its just the way ive been thinking about it. Im not trying to tell people HOW IT IS, just thinking about the song and really digging it.