View Full Version : Rosetta Stoned explained???

04-25-2006, 03:01 AM
I have made a thread about this already but think that this is a better place for it.

Remember Blairs Ouija session he spoke about in Jan newsletter. He asks if it can tell the terrible secret one of the songs speak of. The answer he got was: (from the newsletter) * ** ET TESTS ON D

He asks what the letter D stands for and got the answer: DAVE
Then he asks what kind of vehicle does dave drive: VAN

Remember all this answers and now read from the March newsletter:

"And then I saw Dave. At first I thought it was just a mirage, but there he was in his van with the Phish sticker, door beads, and embroidered tapestries. I recognized him by his frizzy hair, dressed in a tie-dye tee, Baja hoodie and hemp pants, with the familiar Birkenstocks, kicking the hackiesack. So, the biker gangs didn't scare all the hippies away after all. They were back! Looking at him, I realized that Dave was the kind of guy who would hold tightly in his palm a certain piece of metal while repeating the word "Kazik." Well, at least he'd put something in that pipe of his and smoke it."

This is the Dave of course driving a Van and he even named the Birkenstocks we all know is in the lyrics of Rosetta Stoned.

EDIT:In the book Flying Saucers and the Three Men by Albert K a man gets a piece of metal from aliens. And by holding the metal and repeating the word "kazik" he gets in touch with the aliens.

EDIT: But on the other hand. You can translate D AVE to Third Son of Light and VAN is the enochian letter V or U so maybe all of this is a bit easy???