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03-18-2003, 04:29 PM
this is my first post too and i am more than a little suprised that there are a few comments on the intro to this song but just one about the song itself.
this song serves as a daily reminder to me that, and i know this sounds pretty desolate and pessimistic, you shouldn't get too attached to anything because there are things in the universe that are beyond your control.
beyond that, and more importantly to me, is that there are things greater than yourself. things can be out of your control but not greater than you. a germ can kill you but i don't think that makes it something of a higher order.
at this point let me point out that i know some of this sounds religious but the closest i come to religion is a strong interest in zen.
at the same time it is also true that not all things greater are bad or something you would want to control. people tend to be pretty happy when they are swept away by love, totally out of control.
these higher planes, greater truths, whatever you call it, are the water to be "cleanse(d) and purge(d)" in.
the crap of the world has a way of making you believe it is the truth, "the sun" "come (to) deliver me" and in some ways it is. it is the only existence we have but "46+2 is just ahead".