View Full Version : Context and Ignorance

11-22-2002, 12:23 PM
Much the same as most people do when they first here this track, I initally thought, "why does tool have nazis on their CD?" Then I found out what the words actually mean. I laughed histerically at the notion of thinking a recipe for cookies was a bunch of nazis at a rally. At first I just took the track as a joke, and I think that Tool intended it this way to a certain extent, so way to go guys, you sure made me and a lot of other people laugh. However, you have to look at the message that this joke sends. I interpret this track as saying don't be to quick to judge if you don't have all the facts or if something is taken out of context. I assumed it was some crazy nazis. Assuming..............that is a very dangerous activity. Sure thing wouldn't you know it, I assumed, was wrong, and condemed something without all the information

It is also important to acknowledge the difference between ignorance and stupidity. I was ignorant to the situation, which means that I was uninformed. Someone can only be called stupid if they are in posession of all the facts, and continue to make bad decissions or judgements.

11-22-2002, 02:46 PM
Yes it was pretty funny to my dad and I. A hash cookie recipe would have been my last guess. But I wonder, what motivated TOOL to put something such as this in their album. Maybe just to make people think. I think that a lot of TOOL songs were made to make us (the listeners) think. To have an open mind and decide for yourself what you want it to mean.

11-24-2002, 12:52 AM
I believe you guys/gals have it right. But I also like to look at it from another context. Do you feel the conviction in his voice? Can you deny the potency of his tone? You may also look at this as meaning if you play the part of a leader in a convincing manner, you can get people to follow anything you tell them. I mean, this guy's got this huge crowd hanging on his every word and ready to obey his command. "Bake these cookies, damn you! Bake them now! THE COOKIES ARE...OUR....FUTURE!!!!" The crowd screams in compliance and devotion to their chef leader. I can see them there, in their chef's hats and aprons, "yeeeeeaah!" "Cookies, yes! Let's go bake!" "We're taking over the world with our delicious cookies!" Once again, follow the leader!