View Full Version : infection

11-22-2002, 10:24 AM
we are infected.
every word is a gene.
every sentence is a virus, a new look, a new glance at being. buzzwords abound. a new cult is forming. we are animals, praying to those that give us the words with which we think.
we are infected.

our words fight and struggle with other words for space in our brains. we are more responsive to "third eye" than to "jesus" or "shaquille" or "war". we use drugs for the cerebral effects only, and some of us descend into new identities...that of the junkie. others of us catapult into vibrant new phases of being, glimpsing mathematics for the first time, or glimpsing ourselves...
we are infected organisms, who without our co-evolved virus, would drag our knuckles through the wasteland of the primal. primal. primal. primal. words upon words, layers of words, piles of paragraph infections infecting animals. tomorrow we go to war. today we sing a song. yesterday we read a book. tonight we write a letter. now we lie.

and the biggest lie of all is me. i, too, am guilty of attempting to display the clever wit which i hope will distnguish me from the rot of humanity. from the mannerless. from the anorexic. from the shit-throwers. and i am guilty of the lie that i am distinct from them, separate and unique. i am nothing of the sort. i am all of them at once, in everyday incarnations. and its in that moment, every morning, that i catch my-self in the mirror and wrestle my-self to the ground, that i realize i have been lying, and that i am infected.
we are all infected.