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03-11-2003, 05:14 PM
Hello all,

My favourite Tool album is Undertow. I like the dark album art, the ribcage and especially the music. Maybe it was my mood during the period in which I was introduced to the album or maybe it was their music that triggered those moods. Regardless, I truly appreciate Adam Jones' guitar work considering the simplicity of the riffs and chords he was using. My favourite song would be hard to pick out since the entire album had a very melodic tone, and emotional impact on me. 4 degrees is my favourite song.

I can see two perspectives. the first as music for a confused and distraught soul, lost in self misconception and raw emotion. Every song of the album moves me, with only a bit of distaste when it comes to Sober and any other song that's been played a million times and has an almost absolute definition assigned to it by popular construe.

The other is a more broad, but less careful and intelligable view. It is important and must be clear to every listener that Tool is a group of four musicians who are more than their own sum when combined. However, they are individual human beings who experience and have the same needs as all of us. They are four males who approach their music from a very scientific standpoint. They apply mathematical formulas to their songs to create their skeleton and possibly add the emotional overtones to create the manifestation or life of the song. They can be seen as four punks with instruments when listening to Opiate, but after listening to Maynard's voice it would be foolish to make such an assessment.

After reading many opinions and much thought, I think there is something that I feel is being missed by many (possibly because they don't share the same life experiences). The human condition. I think tool's music has a beautiful way of expressing certain repressed emotions in every individual that have been pushed aside or that we have not found the courage to express. I think its good to go back and not try to hear the song before its actually heard. Just because we heard it before and have an idea of what its about or what others think its about. I would love for TOOL to do a couple of instrumentals just to see how many expressions they can produce.

Anyways, what do you think tool would sound like if they had a female member in the band?

As for the third eye....yes we do have third eyes, the more you think about things in life, the more it is nourished, don't think too much though!!
The song is about connection, courage, reconciliation, renewal and love.


03-11-2003, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by extentions

Anyways, what do you think tool would sound like if they had a female member in the band?


what? a female in TOOL?... hmmz... that would be very interesting...

look at APC, they have a female bassist... i thought...
and they sound kinda cool!...

but i dont think TOOL has to change right now... they are a great band... the members are a good team... so why wanna put a female in it?...

if there comes a woman... she will only FUCK things up.... ;-)
(someone will get this)

Female Loving Post:):-:(Nirvana):-:(