View Full Version : How about not caring?

03-09-2006, 08:15 PM
A simple solution. 10,000 Days or not 10,000 Days. Cornfed Beavers Eating Tunafish Sandwiches. Does it really matter what the title of the new disc is? I got the answer. The answer is No, it doesn't. Not yet anyways.

Given the fact that the words/numbers alone have no immediate point of reference, we have no way of knowing just how apt 10,000 Days may or may not be in the first place, nevermind any grounds with which to consider it to be false OR be dissappointed by it should it be true.

So again, without any further knowledge regarding the disc itself, it's presumed meaning, sound, feel, style, contents, etc; perhaps it's best to simply not argue the point at all seeing as how there is truly no context with which to discuss the matter anyways.

Not to mention, for those who believe it is a blatant mock-reference to 10,000 Fists: Is that really the best you feel Tool could offer? Like the four of them huddled together one night at Blair's and said "Hey! Let's poke fun of Disturbed and tell everyone our CD is called 10,000 Days when really it's not! It'll be funny as hell, won't it?!" When in fact, it's not funny whatsoever, and not even remotely close to any kind of biting sarcasm some here feel such a title might represent. Changing the word Fists into Days? Ooooo! How remarkably un-witty of them. 3rd grade mockery at best, well below the Tool belt (read, bar) standard if you ask me.

I much rather suspect instead this is the best you yourself can come up with (those who believe this and/or similar rationalizations), and are merely projecting the thought upon Tool because it just sounds "so damn cool" within your own head. Let me re-assure you that it's not, nor is it humorous on even a special olympics pity clap level. I don't even see how that could be catagorized as Andy Koufman humor where at least Tool gets it if nobody else does because the reality is, there would be nothing there to get. No sense of "okay, it's not really funny but I see why they would think so" which in the end quite simply means it wouldn't be a joke even if it was trying to be.

In any case, the point is moot. 10,000 Days could very well be a completely relevant and meaningful title for the overall contents of the new disc. No need to get pissed about it if it's true. And if it's not then I guess (I don't know I suppose) it will be something different instead, in which case nobody will give a crap beyond 2 months from now.