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11-21-2002, 10:28 PM
Put all of the words in quotations.

Now read and listen to the whole song as if it's being sung to Maynard.

The song is obviously written by Maynard, but inspired, and written from the perspective of God pleading to Maynard. (or anyone listening to the song)

Another unbelievable song, written from an incredible angle. Somewhat similar to what he did with Jimmy.

"Knock me down, I'll just come back running..." God's will is persistent.

The line that really smacked me, and finally had me realize the actual meaning was "This brings us closer than dying and cancer and crying..."
When do people pray to God most? In their perceived time of need. Someone has cancer. You pray. Someone on the brink of death. You pray. Someone diagnosed with cancer? You pray.

"This brings us closer than dying and cancer and crying..." Explains that if you have divinity in your heart and mind at all times, it's more significant, meaningful and appropriate than those who pray merely out of fear and perceived necessity.