View Full Version : (-) ions = Futants??

02-06-2006, 12:49 PM
Just a thought, but I recently went back rereading the little piece about "dissociatives" and futants in the AEnima cd cover, and I was able to make a strange connection between the two. Dissociative Anaesthetics are psychedelic drugs which instead of bringing the excursionist into a state of complete positive being, like LSD and such, creating ways of your senses criss-crossing, hearing colors and seeing sounds, dissociatives (ex: Ketamine, Dextromethorphan, PCP) tend to "separate" one's feelings and emotions and senses, suspending them and isolating them in ways of separating onesself from these elements that make them human. I have extensive experience with both types of drugs here, and I can say that it is so very true. Without really any influence from Tool or their obvious realisations here, I found myself led to the same conclusions thru these psychedelics (getting past the fact that dissociatives are very harmful to your brain), in entering a state of pure dead air, negative space, white noise, feeling myself simply Gone, in ways I could never put into words, it occurred to me that in the past we find a sense of assurance, what's already happened, pure positive space, and in turn, a parallel can be drawn to the future being negative space, (-) ions, and the present being our equilibrium, our center of gravity, our homeostasis Now, the negating reciprocal equal opposite to "infinity," or time, being what's already happened, or will happen, or more specifically, anything but what's happening Now. And these futants, as mentioned by Timothy Leary in the excerpt in the cd cover are like the molecules of the future state. Perpetual negative space, in our perspective, an infinite expanse of time ahead of us which we are inevitably blinded to, and left to mere prediction, or intention, or chance.