View Full Version : Representation of a Higher State in Lower one

11-21-2002, 10:04 AM
I had posted this originally in the 46&2 board in response to a good thread however it seemed more appropriate to be placed here.

Have you ever wondered about the way a higher diminsion can be represented using a lower one

For instance I can draw a 3d box on a 2d object (paper...assuming it only represents a 2d surface) Perhaps the third eye experience that has been referenced is simply our 3 or 4d (i tend to believe we have an understanding of the 4d) representation of a higher state. It isn't complete because afterall my drawing of a box still lacks that 3rd diminsion it is not truly 3d. So currently we can express our ideas of the higher state through these third-eye states however they are not truly the state at all. I think that perhaps this is what is meant in Third Eye song itself.

We force the eye open through whatever means we have available in this form hoping to make that leap from one state to the next (perhaps like the quantum leap of an electron) however at this point in time we are doomed to fall back into our natural order with but an emission of light to show for it. Our understanding of the new state seems to be the guide...saying hello again im glad you havent given up but its been a while. The use of the drug seems to allow us to get there then fall away only to do so again and again but our dependence on this method means that our interpretation of it will still be in a form that makes sense to our current state and not maintain its purity. It seems like the song is saying that we arent ready yet but we are trying....we are fighting up river hoping to force our evolution and those beings which are already there are saying "we are happy you are trying, dont give up, but not this time, find another way" I think we are still holding too much extra baggage at this point...hence the entire purpose of the next album: Lateralus. (see my posts on the Grudge for further discovery of this)

basically I am saying that I think we have indeed found ways to represent this state however as stated before we are a long ways away from actualizing this concept. However the fact that we can glimpse it at all enough to emulate it is progress in the correct direction