View Full Version : the whole point of this track

08-01-2005, 03:32 PM
Personally I think the whole point of this track is what everyone is the Die Eier Von Satan have found confusing.

It's a mean sounding , intimidating Nazi-like German voice

but the lyrics reflect a simple kiddish cookie recipe.

maybe what tool is trying to tell us is don't take everything at face value. inform yourself. dig deeper, so that you won't make naive judgements and associations. get rid of those associations (german = nazi, german = hitler) for example..

again, we need to be put into the anesthetic state, as danny remarks in the liner notes to 'aenima', "The anesthetic state produced does not fit into the conventional classification of stagse of anesthesia, but instead it produces a state of unconsciousness which has been termed 'dissociate' anesthesia in that it appears to selectively interrupt association pathways to the brain before producing somesthetic sensory blockage."

i think this is what the point of die eier von satan wwas.

08-01-2005, 05:25 PM
Yeah, a kiddy recipe that involves the hemp-plant.