View Full Version : the only certainty is change

11-20-2002, 09:20 PM
The only certainty in life is change. I'm sure everyone has realized that at one time or another. If you try and hold on to something forever, be it a religious belief, an emotional state, a material possession, whatever....you will find that it doesn't last. Change is something that should be welcomed because you never know what bigger and better things may come next. A good example would be one's youth. It's ridiculous spending shitloads of money on skin creams, facelefts, surgery, etc. to try and maintain a look you once had. There is nothing you can do to prevent your body from changing. And once you realize you don't actually have control over anything, you will lead a much more peaceful existence. Just let things flow through their natural course.
Specifically, I think this song has a lot to do with religion. Christianity, for example, is a philosophy created roughly two thousand years ago. Prominent religious figures have worked very hard to maintain its original state. Now take a look at where this has gotten them. You have angst ridden kids spouting to their parents about how "god sucks" and that "it inhibits their life." Christianity has the potential to be a beautiful philosophy. It just needs to let go and change with the times.

11-25-2002, 03:53 PM
i agree, change is an essence of living, death being one of the more prominent to us ode to our egoes. death scares too many people which can seemingly subconciously generate the need inside of them to grasp onto idealistic paths such as religion. christians, buddhist, taoist, islamic, ect.. all have their aleiviations of our fears of the process of dieing. goes as with anything though when you smother something, someone it gradually will go away, in that respect.