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Im stable
11-20-2002, 06:54 PM
I think this song has something to do with a beleif system crumbling around somebody that was pretty heavy set in said sytem. I'm not sure though, Maynard probably made it to be a song about farming for all I know...I wouldn't put something like that past the TooL boys.
When I hear TooL songs, I get images in my head, and the only image I have when I hear this one is a man climbing up a steep stone wall. When he gets to the top he overlooks the city, sky scrapers standing tall, cars driving from point A to point B, people busy with their own meanderings. Then suddenly the water comes, and it tears down everything. The man just watches, knowing it was coming, and shakes his head because nobody would listen when he warned them it would happen.
Kind of a noah story I guess...
Anyway, Congrats on the new opinion section Kabir.
- Dane