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06-01-2005, 10:23 PM
Well a new thought on Third Eye is that is accually is a LSD promotion song (thats not a new thought) but stemmed from Timothy Leary.. The beginning as we all know is from Timothy Leary.

Leary believed that the use of LSD (used Rightly) could infact stem off our inner Divinity.

"Divinity Lies Within" Well when we open our ThirdEye We are no longer apart of this world but our own Reality.

I believe this song is heavily influenced and Related To Leary's philosophies and this is used as a promotion of his ideologies by using ThirdEye as a metaphore for free thought.. Also maybe an LSD promotion, same with Merkbara.... "This is some kind of Psychodlic Experiance" Psychodelic is to lose "reality" and enter a Chaotic Valunerbility (im a terrible Speller) that expands our mind and our perspective on life..

I think these two songs tie into one...

but thats me...