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01-13-2003, 05:54 PM
The song before is about the destruction of california of course. In the song " im praying for tidal waves, praying for rain. So when an event like this happens it will be like a storm . In ions it sounds like a storm and for the electricity
sounds . At the begining of third eye the pounding is kinda of like the heart, so the electrical sounds can be jumpstarting the heart like an AED. The reason for giving life goes back Aenema which is about an end , where one would believe they would be dead then reborn into something resembling the message of third eye. I believe all the way through Pushit to Third eye there is underlying story that connects it all together. Most people say Pushit is about a baby then the next track baby noises.Even more likely i the whole album has some underlying stucture but more noticable at the end.

01-13-2003, 07:07 PM
The whole cd does have one main message, is the whole anima theory by carl jung. Throughout this cd you can pick it apart from the whole anima stuff.

Such as from 46 & 2.

There's a lot of other messages to be had, and then the main message.

I'm not so sure this is really a concept album as Lateralus is.

I agree though that Ions to me sounds like the whole ruckus after the whole Ænema flushing it all away scenario takes place. If you listen to it, it actually sounds like massive amounts of water heading through a city. A massive tidal wave, a flood, smashing into buildings, hitting things, also I hear sounds of earthquakes. That's also mentioned in Ænema. Then the electricity would be all the industrial materialistic things being washed away by the flood, reacting to the water. It's like a destroyed city, with water banging through, and then the aftermath, and it's a washed away city with power lines sticking out, and you hear electricity reacting to it.

That's the picture I got when I was just listening to the song on my bed, and I kinda dozed in a little half awake half asleep meditative state. Where I heard the song, and it was causing images in my head affecting a little dream.

It was cool.

01-24-2003, 03:20 PM
To me, Ions is a trip back into my live before birth, before conception even. It feels like a memory of the time i was just a form of energy, nothing more. I love the feeling it gives me, it makes everything else unimportant. The way that prehistorical feeling blends over into a heartbeat , makes me believe i received the life spark(?), and now i can go and grow into a complete human being.

I wish I could talk to the guys once, so I could ask them if my idea of their music is right. AEnima feels like a journy, and it only feels like that when I listen it from beginning to end. It takes me away from earth into eternity........

Don't mind my english please, i'm from Europe. ;o)