View Full Version : A diffenent view

01-11-2003, 02:41 PM
It's been a while since I've seen the video but here's what I got out of it with the help of my brother. We see the box as something that he wants to fill. Everyone seems to have something in there little boxes. Everybody that is but the little guy. So that would kind of explain all the other people that are around him. He'll ask anyone or go to anyone that is willing to give him something. The musem or art the guy behind the glass. The scienctest the guy who's got the telescope thing. The veteran. The guy with out legs and the tv. The tube. But they all represnt diffent parts of socity Art science miltary media at large. The tv seem's to have something on it. Oh wait I have an idea it's shit that you want or that you need to buy. The high part and falling and shaking thing that's the drug part of the song that I think. Or it could just be praying. The closer that he gets the more he dosen't feel human or that this life is worth something. Becuse for some reason or another pleasure isn't good. So tool shakes to confirm this idea that they are haveing fun but arent neacarliy that close to something cause there all alone. this is just bullshit and I wasted you time ha aha ha ha