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Paul Greiner
11-19-2002, 09:06 PM
It sounds like alot of these people that are posting here are on a very good path to be on. If you are even reading this you are are on a good path to be on. The things that are being spoken of here resemble the thoughts and discussions of humans from ancient history. Consciousness has been the one thing that humans have been pondering since the dawn of man. It is the one divine thing that connects all of us. These people here, posting on this site, are going in the right direction. The people of the world, who take the time and the effort to break through to others and have the same done to them are all going in the right direction. I shouldn't even be saying the RIGHT direction, all of these people are going period. It all can relate a great deal to Zen and the concept of reaching satori enlightenment. The totality of things is that these words that you are reading right now ARE you, and the whole experience of learning from this page, this band, me, and words in general, are an experience that is alive inside of you. The experience that you have and the one that I have are of the rarest form in essence to universal time. There is no I or You, and there never was, we are all sharing this, and that is the way it always has and will be done. Keep sharing, and always realize that this screen you are looking at is just a matrix of color molecules that your lightsource is enabling you to see, and inside of this computer, there is a little goblin eating peanut butter and jelly burritos. THINK FOR YOURSELF, QUESTION AUTHORITY......................................... .......................................oh wait, by stating that, i've done just the opposite~