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the C
12-22-2002, 07:16 PM
well, i've never wrote an interpretation of Tools songs, i could never go there. no one will ever get it exactly right. maybe not in words at least. after reading the latest i wasn't sure how to react. so of course, here's what i have to say. i've been listening to Tool a good few years now, and even though at first i could barely understand what maynard was saying, i was oddly compelled to it, and of course the bill hicks clips had me laughing and wondering. you know, the "all of matter" quote. my exact words were "i guess it means something to someone. sounds cool though." ok, so after years of enjoying some of the best music that exists and eventually learning the lyrics(most of them, because of all that studio capability i'll be hearing all kinds of stuff thats been put in there)i was on the side experimenting with LSD.(big suprise) but, the point of what i'm trying to say is, one time on an extreme(and idiotic) dose of acid, i had an epiphany, i believe is the word, and in that same moment of that realization and many others, i eventually reflected back to Tool and Bill Hicks.one thing i realized is that Tools music had a much more deep and profound meaning. Bill said the magic words and Tool was the musical icing on the cake. and ever since then i wake up every day like its the first and last rolled into one, just enjoying myself and appreciating everything i have, trying to elevate my self and others in anyway i can without being preachy or ignorant. ok, last point, when it comes to Tool, i don't bother trying to explain it, i just take it in as a whole and let it speak for itself. well, i just wanted to share my story and i'd like to sincerly thank Tool for that "means to cross me over" peace