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12-17-2002, 02:17 AM
Iíve herd and read a few theories on the third eye but rather than the song itself Iím interested in finding out what the third eye is supposed to mean or be
I've herd Bill Hicks bring it up and I'm curious what it is

12-17-2002, 05:38 AM
your third eye is your mind's eye. inside your head when you review a memory, you are using your third eye. when you imagine someone's face, you're seeing it with your third eye. since it's not a literal term, i believe any mental sensory perception works here... remembering the sounds, tastes, feelings, etc. is also making use of it. when we are dreaming, we are seeing with nothing but our third eyes. i guess the mystery behind it is when we go beyond this basic function of the human brain, such as when we go weird with prayer and meditation.

12-20-2002, 07:07 AM
Your third eye is within the 85% or so of your brain that you don't use. When people find ways to tap into this vastly un-used portion (supposedly) they find that the brain has far more uses and is a far more powerful tool than what we use it for. ( Everyday thinking and decision making). People have reported being able to commit telepathy, astral projection and even see the future, or decipher dreams and make predictions, because they apparently have honed their brain-power enough to harness some of it's full strength. I have met a few such people, but ironically enough, when I asked them to show me how, or to show me an example of their extraordinary powers, they could'nt do it, or did'nt want to, or it only works at certain times, etc, etc. I have yet to meet a person who claims these things and isn't utterly full of shit.

01-10-2003, 08:08 PM
The mind is capable of many things of which we have no idea how to control. By opening up your "3rd eye" you are doing so. The possibilities are endless and unkown. What better experience can you ask for?

01-11-2003, 12:20 AM
Particularly in the eastern religions, buddhism and hinduism the world view is that we are all eternal spirits/souls inhabiting human bodies. Before we are born and after we die we exist in the spirit realm with a much vaster awareness of the source.(god, spirit call it what you will) A place where we are connected to that conciousness of love light, joy and non judjement. Indeed it is impossible to have subjective positive or negative judjements about another being, incarnate or disincarnate(living or spirit) because we know all are equal on the path of learning and experience. Experience, this is the reason we incarnate, are born into this world. We forget that we are all one consciousness and fall into a world where we have to learn all over what we are, how to live, fear, love, joy and pain. Some do not forget and they are what we call seers, mystics, prophrets and saints. We have the capacity to remember this true nature, to peer beyond the veils of maya/illusion. We all of us have what is termed a Higher Self, that part of us that still dwells in the spirit, our contact to all that is. This is the part of us from which comes intuition, that feeling where you know something and you can't explain why. Through certain practices of contemplation/meditation or perhaps just living through love and non judjement we can become more aware and connected to our Higher Self.
THE THIRD EYE is a symbolic doorway, a point of consciousness through which we make this connection. Beyond our two physical eyes which percieve maya/duality/illusion.

If you look at the song "Third Eye" as maynard singing to his other self, non judging always there always loving but cut off through pain and false assumtions of this world. it makes a lot of sense.

also this is only my interperetation of what I have learned, There is so much informative inspiring literature today. I suggest you learn for yourself. It is the most rewarding and awe inspiring journey. The journey of Your own self.

try a book called "Many Lives, Many Masters"

01-13-2003, 02:46 PM
Originally posted by Traveller
Particularly in the eastern religions, buddhism and hinduism the world view is that we are all eternal spirits/souls inhabiting human bodies...... "Many Lives, Many Masters"
Yes, man. Very good. I was just going to go on a schpeel about all of that. I hear people saying stupid westerner stoner shit, like "it's about acid use.." Well maybe, but if that's what it means to your feeble mind, then keep your blissful ignorance. I believe that analyzing these songs is to enhance our own experiences, not find out what maynard meant, mainly because it means something different to each person.

Adding to what you said, however, the belief in the third eye is more than a belief in a spiritual appendage. Physically, it is an electromagnetic facilitator, also known to the unenlightened westerner as a meridian or chakra. Kinesiology teaches us a lot about these parts. If you look into several ki martial arts, the "point" or seat of the soul, below the belly button, is also mentioned (christianity, believe it or not, was smart enough to say that the soul is in your entrails.) These points that exist in all creatures sense spiritual and electromagnetic energies. A sixth sense, so to say. A ki master can tell who is coming from where...much like a dog freaking out when a storm is coming, even if there isn't a cloud in the sky. They are sensitive, however, and overloading them sends horrible signals to your body, creating tumor cells, cancers, etc... It didn't used to be that way, before we controlled frequency waves. It's hard to forget how many different frequencies bombard your body daily. Enough of that tangent, though.

As far as the analyzation of "dreaming of that face again, it's bright and blue....comforting me with its three warm and wild eyes." Well, lemme see. Several hindu gods are blue skinned, such as almost all the incarnations of Vishnu...however, Shiva the destroyer possesses a third eye.
Maynard may be talking about that, maybe not.
To me, however, it speaks of an encounter with Shiva during meditation. Due to the frail state of our bodies, and all the bad shit going around (electromagnetic waves that cause cancer, preservatives in food that turn our corpses to plastic, etc..) Most people would rather utilize drugs as a catalyst to enter this state, because this day in age, there are so many inhibitors.
Somebody chew on that and regurgitate...I'd like to know what you all think.

01-19-2003, 10:25 PM
i have a friend who sometimes just amazes me. heres a story thatll maybe shed some light on how complex we really are. one night was with another friend and well i was completely psyched because i had just finished downloading mario paint for my snes emulator. him and i went to a park to smoke some pot. at the park my cellular phone for some odd reason stopped functioning and the only way to get it working again was by turning it off then back on. and by the way that night my friend and i coughed really loud after taking some huge hits (sorry to sound like such a teenager) but anyways after we were done with our business we were on the raod to pick up my friend eric (the guy with the brain powers) i call him up and it turns out he had been sleeping. the first thing he tells me is "hey i keep hearing something about mario paint" and im completely shocked cos thats what i wanted to tell him. the next thing he asks me is if my phone is working, he asked if i had to hang it up or something. by this point i am freaking. finally he says "yeah and i kept hearing very loud noises, as if thunder was near u guys" i assume these are the coughs he heard.

i really dont know what this means but i hope its an insight on what else can go on in the mind