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11-19-2002, 01:31 PM
This song, to me, is the epitamy of everything I love about TOOL. I think the entire song, down to every little note and drumhit is virtually flawless. Personally, my favorite part of the song is the first "wave," where there is the "chorus" riff and the megaphone humming over the top. as I have applied the song to my life, what I here from the megaphone is largely distorted but says "I would/will never give up"..and maybe at the end "take my own life". Its open to interpretation, but that helps me collect myself before I go through the rest of the throes of this concerto.
There is a striking nostaglia for me when I even think of this song. Something* that hit me like a ton of bricks when I already had had an inkling. It's difficult to think of what some of the lyrics could actually mean. I think of "no quarter" as refering to the cycles of the moon, I believe at no quarter is when it shows us no light. But there was a time when I was locked in a room with a cement slab to lay my head on, when I was having a some nervous breakdown because I thought I had fucked up my life beyond repair. My thinking was exagerated. Even so, in this disillusioned state, I was resolved to do something final, and I considered myself dead. One Hell of a night. Oh, it was pretty cold in there too, I was shivering, and all I had was a yellow plastic sheet to keep "warm."
There is a shot in the live show during The Grudge where an unidentifiable person is laying on the ground with a pool of blood coming from the head, which comes around during "choose to..let this go." I'm talking about this because I genuinely wanted to end, or at least knock myself out, and I banged my head against the glass. At one point, an officer came and told me to calm down or I'd be put in the small chamber. I think that was when I was examining how I could hang myself from the light with the yellow sheet. Anyway..thats already too much info. I'm on a roll hear, so this is going to get long. I've got a lot of shit to say about this one. I think that the song translates so incredibly well to all the different, beautiful emotions I felt that dreadful evening. It takes me right back for a more introspective and mature digestion of it all.
*what hit me like a ton of bricks one day was when I was in class listening to the song and at the end, I decided to watch and see how long this epic actually was. 11:00 total. Hmmm. My stomach sank when I realized and took a look back at when this shit happened, which was the week before thanksgiving, the year 2000. so by month/year...it fits exactly. This is a wacky-ass coincidence, coinsiding with the rest of the message and the meaning.

The whispers in the song, (which come around at about 4:20 and end when maynard says "lock the door...") became even more intrigueing after this fun little discovery. I became enwrapped in finding out what it says, but i still don't even have much. It was an important and disturbing discovery when I pushed the karaoke button on my stereo at a point in the song. Those beautiful, melancholy guitars in the middle, when it hits after the downtime, were turned off by this feature and lo and behold, I could clearly hear the underlying whispers, which actually weren't really quiet, but more crowded I'd say. After it hits, the first thing he says is "Radical Reasons, you would defy my only reason for ????" "but you are not my ?lamb and martyr?, you are not my only ?one?"
"so many lives...so many minds that are more important" There is no mission, there is no ???? ?? ???????" and it goes on, but gets harder to hear. Only the man himself could let you know exactly what he says, because its done in a way that makes it hard to hear the phonetics of a lot of it. Especially during the "down" part of the song, but it seems like he says "kill yourself" a couple times and "would you even, how could you."
Don't take my word on any of this shit, though its all genuine, its also very biased.
Too me...The whispers are kind of menacing, and perplexing, and dangerous to me and my thought process so I stopped caring. Nonetheless, the song will always be a beautiful and eclective TRIP for me. The atmosphere and substance to this song is so thick you might need a chainsaw to cut it..or maybe a really get scapel. Maynard certainly does sing beautifully in it, But the beauty of the song I think is that it is one thing. all the instruments fit together to form one, long flowing opusof darkness, which I fondly think of as a long writhing demon of human emotion....or something. Its difficult to describe.
Oh...maybe a little feedback on this if you will...after he says "dying peace in me and you..." does he sing "I'm(pronounced o-ish) or Tom - locked in a place where no one goes" Open your ears and see for yourself, because Its debatable to me. I hope you enjoy the trip like I did if you decide to take it, and appreciate that I gave you a nice juicy New York Strip of information to chew on. Heheehe, thats all folks.

Get in touch guys.
I've run out of ways(venues) with which to connect.

11-19-2002, 09:16 PM
from reading your post, it doesn't sound like you were aware that it's actually a led zeppelin song

11-22-2002, 07:15 AM
oh no. I own houses of the holy. It may come across that way, but I just think its a song all its own, whether someone else wrote the original licks for it or not. Zep's vision doesn't have nearly as much emotional impact. Tool took that song and TOOLified it and created a masterpiece. Not to mention all the wonderful little enigma's that are in the song. Thats my interpretation of the situation.

11-22-2002, 08:59 PM
during the beginning of the song and during parts of the infamous message there's an interesting audio effect. it's called a bineural wave. or at least it sounds like it. basically it causes your brain to synthesize a frequency that it normally wouldn't be able to hear. the whole point behind it is to change your brainwave patterns. if you listen carefully it will sound like a helicopter or something that has the feel of a helicopter. i'm not good at counting but if anyone can tell me how many times per second it goes off it would be a great help.

11-25-2002, 07:21 PM
i forgot to include something... the whole idea behind lowering brainwaves would be to enable the listener to make out what maynard is whispering without sound equipment. ever notice that things are louder when you are relaxed or have just gotten out of bed? yeah.. they play on that