View Full Version : The Album That Has Come Out Yet

02-12-2019, 03:44 AM
There were a few fellow recommendations of thinking waves of artwork, seemed to sneer at me and circulate my blood faster than normal.

I really like the 3D rendering"" i guess its called, i dont really know. :"
The Dreams im having from it mean the most to me , though. To stop a story before it gave you more to laugh at, i say this. " Rock the fuck on! MORE is what you'll, unfortunately be hearing for the next 20 years, or so. Evil Intent and Confusion of my dialect dictate, The G you carry in anything simple, or years old,, orpreddicted,,, or recorded in another universe(HA some are true and some are HA)

keep up the good work guys. whatever im trying to imagine the day when someone could never not WANT tool ART!!!!!!!

attachments are in the idea, so simple is the idea i suppose. The Idea is to poke some fun while getting completely served at the same. HA AH such is the greatness you.
May You Live another 10,024. Big + sign.
Im beginning to understand how to work things i should have payed attention to YEARS ago.
Thank you.