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Prem Kala
08-01-2016, 05:07 PM
Since you don't know who you are, why you are here, or where you will go when you die; you tend to find security or comfort in beliefs and tend to look for a meaning or a purpose in life.

To be a true seeker for truth though you can't settle for beliefs because they are the product of mind. A belief is just an accumulation of knowledge. It is secondhand knowledge and it is a collection of information... So what is the whole point of it? Why even bother clinging or finding comfort in a belief?

To KNOW truth and to have knowledge of the truth are completely different. To know the truth is to experience the truth firsthand and it will take a lot of courage to face reality as it is. You will have to be willing to let go of all the knowledge of reality gathered, be willing to face the unknown, and be in a state of "not knowing".

Neti Neti is a good step forward. It is a form of self-inquiry and a method of the Upanishads. It means, "neither this, nor that". In this practice you question what is not truth or what you are not. You drop your beliefs, ideologies, assumptions, thoughts, etc. You keep on dropping until you have dropped the attachment and identification to the mind/ego or until all that is left is just "being" or "consciousness itself".

... So moving along... This may be what is taking place in this song...

There are many assumptions out there that meditation is all love and bliss, and it can be, but to the ego it's like the end of the world. To the ego it is like a flood rising up taking all that you knew and believed away.

The long intro in the song gives you a vision of the once still water now beginning to move and wave onto the island. The island at one point used to be stable and comfortable, but now there are waves and floods.

When the water starts rising you will first let go of the small things like belief systems or ideologies and when it rises higher you will then start letting go of the things you have held onto a lot tighter- which you believed to be a part of you...

The water is like your awareness and as the awareness widens many things which you thought to be a part of you will be seen to be separate from you.

Somehow you came to believe that you are the thoughts and the emotions. They are so close that they appear to be you. But are they really you?... They come and go like clouds. One moment they are there and the next they are not. Inquiring into this you will realize that behind the momentary thoughts or emotions there is a witnessing consciousness that remains. So by being aware of this, would you be attached to the thoughts and emotions for very long?.. Eventually they have to be left behind as the water of awareness rises up...

The deeper you go with this practice and with meditation the more the water will take from you. At the moment where the water floods up to the peak of the island that is where you have negated until the only attachment you have is to the mind or ego. This is the hardest point to let go because you tend to desire to hold onto something or anything. What else is there to attach to once you let go of the attachment to the mind? There were so many other objects to hold onto, but now the water will take this one too?

But what else can you do? Eventually you will have to let go of the mind at some point because no matter how comfortable or familiar it is, the truth will show that it is not you. The water of awareness will creep up and surrendering absolutely to truth or accepting the water to flood over you with open arms is all that can be done...

Prem Kala
08-01-2016, 05:11 PM
I should share here that I may or may not submit many of my interpretations on these forums. Really, I've written these more for myself.

Another thing is that I have not fully surrendered and if anything I've been pretty foolish. The water will rise up over my island taking many things away- sometimes to the point that its close to drowning me- but the water also goes back down again exposing many of the objects for my foolish self to cling back onto... For me, the water rises and falls.. Yet, at least the island is getting smaller.

The Green Mule
08-03-2016, 07:19 PM
Interesting thoughts, i like it. The truth will always confront us

08-10-2016, 01:35 AM