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03-10-2014, 11:53 AM
THIRD EYE (extended outro)
SCHISM (new jam intro)
____________________ (intermission with lights on)

STINKFIST (extended)

03-10-2014, 06:33 PM
Great show. Shitty venue. The line was super long, and even though we were there at 8 it took 45 min to get in. Missed Failure. The sound was as good as it ever gets. Venue staff were Nazis.

Tool sounded great. The songs seemed to have some new parts or improvision.
They seem to have bought a confetti canon, but apparently, just one. I wonder if it was on sale at the dollar store.

I am kinda over going to Reno. Glad for 2 sf shows now.

03-10-2014, 09:32 PM
I agree with the other post here. Didn't like the venue only one entrance/exit, long line so missed other band, and yes security was bad. Another thing that was annoying was the crowd at the show. I have seen tool before and enjoyed the show but there was a lot of drunk people here that ruined it for me.

I think they should of came to Sacramento instead of Reno. Surprised they are going to Fresno. Anyone know what Maynard said during the show?

03-11-2014, 06:06 AM
Maynard said "Reno, Reno" through his talk box.
And he said, " Two things, one we got to play with failure for the first time in 15 years and 2 thanks for coming out"

03-11-2014, 11:16 AM
TOOL 2014

NOTE: I apologize if this review has more non-tool content than usual. Don’t want to annoy/bother people who came here strictly for a concert review.

I left Eugene at about 11:00 AM for Reno. This was actually cutting it a little close because it was about a 7 hour drive. Within an hour of driving south along the Interstate-5 I was amazed by the gorgeous scenery. Southern Oregon is beautiful. The roads were entwined between thick forests and mountains. At one point a helicopter was picking up massive logs of lumber right beside the highway.

The most comical point of my entire trip occurred next. Immediately after crossing the border into California, I approached a “checkpoint” style booth with an Officer speaking to all vehicles passing through. This was strange to me – I have never had to do this before when crossing between States. I thought maybe there was a toll I had to pay and I just missed the signs. I approached the booth and the officer asks me if I have any fruit in the vehicle. As a matter of fact officer – yes I do! I had grabbed an orange from the hotel breakfast area prior to leaving and it was still sitting on the passenger seat. The officer demands that I hand over the orange for further inspection. He spends a solid 30 seconds or so examining this orange – weight, colour, shape, chemistry and who knows what else. After a careful unscientific analysis he comes to the conclusion that my orange is a not a threat to the integrity or national security of the great state of California. I am free to carry on the journey – with my orange.

About halfway to Reno I finally hit the point where I had to leave the main highway and start heading east. The next few hours of my day were terrifying. The upcoming 150 miles of my journey would be on a single lane narrow highway amidst a monsoon that conveniently chose me to follow through the mountains. I was absolutely in a hurry to make it to the show in time – however the weather and road conditions made it impossible to go too fast. To make matters worse I noticed that the clock in the car was actually behind by 1 hour because of the time switch the previous night! I had zero cell phone reception or service for about 3 hours. Despite the danger of the trip, the scenery was magnificent and the terrain around me would constantly change from thick forest to mountainous ranges and even some desert in between.
I arrived in Reno at around 7:00 PM – just enough time to check into hotel and get ready for the show. I met up with Brian, a Tool Navy member that I had never met and he very generously offered to cover my hotel stay in Reno because he is a member of one of the casino chains. There’s more to come on Brian later.

I want to take a minute to talk about Reno. Throughout my travels I have come across some gorgeous and beautiful cities all across the United States. Reno is not one of them. Sorry to offend any of you from the area, but this place seemed like a massive shit hole! Generally very dirty and sketchy, and a very disproportionately large amount of locals who looked like crack heads. Definitely would not recommend coming back again.
After dropping off my bag in the hotel room Brian and I walked over to the venue. The line up to get inside was RIDICULOUS. I have seen long lines before but this was unfathomable. We lined up about 3 city blocks away from the venue and around the corner. I am sure other posters here who attended the show had a similar experience waiting in line. Like many others we missed most of Failure because of the shitty venue entrance system. From what I did see of Failure, they were much more “mainstream” sounding and definitely not my cup of tea. I really don’t understand what the hype is.


THIRD EYE was the highlight as always. I will never complain or get bored of them playing this song. The extended outro section is badass. So much better than Hooker!

Vicarious sounds slightly different during the intro (Adam) for some reason. I can’t even explain it – just seems lighter and slower, and without any bass? It’s different than it is on the album.

Schism was next as usual for this tour. I still love the extended and sped up portion near the end.

Pushit. Probably the highlight of the tour for most people (aside from Third Eye).

Intension. Still by far my least favourite song of the tour. All I can think of every time they play Intension is how badly I would love to hear Right in Two instead…

stupid intermission again. I have a VIP ticket for tomorrows show in SF and I am seriously considering using my 1 question to Adam to be a comment about how silly this idea was. I think it’s almost 100% unanimous from everyone that it would be better to do what they used to do in the intermission (play ambient sounds/visuals/lighting). The current intermission house lighting thing just kills the mood and epic progression of a TOOL show.

Ended with the usual Jambi/46+2/Aenema/Stinkfist (extended).

Overall they played 5 songs from Aenima out of 10 in total.

After the show we headed back to the casino hotel to grab dinner and drinks. After dinner the most amazing thing happened. When paying for the tab Brian looked at the waitress and said “do you think I should give you a $100 tip?” – She laughed the joke off. Then Brian wrote $100 on the paper and signed it. “Are you serious!??” replied the waitress with the widest smile possible on her face. I was probably just as surprised as she was.

Brian then said one of the most intriguing things I have heard. “Did you see the look on her face, Kanaduh? I’m not rich by any means, but I have enough money to live comfortably. That $100 just made her day.” After walking over to the hotel bar Brian ordered a round of “Vegas Bombs” – I think it was whiskey, peach schnapps and red bull? For the next few hours I was physically incapable of keeping up with him. No matter how fast or often I finished my drink, there was always at least THREE Vegas Bombs filled and waiting for attention in front of me. Brian also ordered lots of them for random strangers who sat at the bar around us. The rest of the night is a blur – we got absolutely fucking wasted! I vaguely remember making it back to the hotel room in one piece.

Brian ended up arranging for my hotel, ticket, food and alcohol for my entire stay in Reno. I asked numerous times but he would not take any money. It was refreshing and enlightening to meet such an awesome human being. He was tremendously generous to me and I genuinely appreciate it. I know you’re reading this Brian so I’ll say it again – thanks! However, far more interesting and respectable was his generosity to random strangers we met throughout the day. His attitude of “once I can live a comfortable life and enjoy myself, I should and will share the wealth with others” is simply amazing.

When I tell my friends back home or at work that I’m travelling all over the country to see TOOL again, they think I’m insane. When I tell hotel employees, taxi drivers or border patrol agents the purpose of my trip, they ask “What makes this band so special that you need to see them again and again?” What people do not understand is that these trips are not just about seeing the band live. These trips are about meeting people – and let me tell you from experience that TOOL fans are among the most amazing people on Earth. Every city of my trip thus far I’ve met with someone new from either Fourtheye or Tool Navy, and these memories and friendships will last long after the band stops touring.

Experiences like this trip let me grow, mature and evolve as a person – mainly from the people I meet in addition to the philosophical-art-rock-brain-orgasm that is TOOL. That is why I go on these trips – to become a better person. Isn’t that what TOOL is about too?
I want to take this opportunity to send a message to the many lurkers of both Tool Navy and Fourtheye. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of people every day who read these forums and never post – I used to be one of them. Register for these forums! Start posting! Most importantly, if you see the band live try to attend meet ups or grab drinks other like-minded strangers. Some of the most genuinely incredible humans post on these boards.

03-11-2014, 11:17 AM

Anyways, after waking up Monday morning with a massive hangover (I lost track of how many Vegas Bombs I had – but it was well over 10) I left the hotel to return my beloved VW Beetle. After gassing her up and cleaning it out I brought it back to the Budget Airport location. After getting my receipt I noticed that it was significantly more expensive than they initially quoted. After reading over the details I realized that they charged me an $82 fee because I returned it 45 minutes later than I was supposed to. Are you fucking kidding me!? It was 11:15 AM when I returned the car (agreement was for 24 hours which would have been 10:30 AM) so technically I was a little later. However, $82 for 45 minutes!? This was beyond ridiculous and basically doubled the price of my rental car. I’m not the type of person to make a scene or argue (especially with other customers in line behind me) but there was no way I was going to let them get away with that. After arguing for a while and refusing to move/leave until they fixed it, they finally decided to reverse the charges.

I then boarded the bus to San Francisco. I was initially going to fly between all of the cities on this trip, however after a little bit of research I noticed that a one way ticket on Megabus from Reno to San Francisco was only $18.50 including fees and taxes. That’s an amazing deal especially considering there is free WIFI on the bus. I arrived in San Francisco at about 7:00 PM last night.

As usual, my first order of business was finding a bar to watch the Leaf game. Luckily they were playing in Anaheim, CA so it was a normal evening start for the west coast. To my surprise the bar was filled with other Leaf fans – not a single person there was supporting Anaheim.

After the game I grabbed a taxi to the Travelodge hotel in downtown San Francisco. I was pretty exhausted by this point and just wanted to crash for the night (only now starting to feel normal again from that crazy Reno hangover). When I tried to enter the lobby reception area the door was locked and this older Asian gentlemen yelled through the door “NO ROOM! NO ROOM!” Okay, but I have a reservation sir and I have already paid for the room. “NO ROOM! NO ROOM!” Seriously, what the fuck? After standing there for 5 minutes and taking out the reservation paper, he finally lets me inside and tells me to call Expedia for a refund because no rooms are available. Sigh….

I call Expedia and explain the situation to them. The lady puts me on hold for a while in order to approve a refund on my credit card. She then offers to find me a “nearby” hotel so I can go somewhere else for the night. For around the same price she finds me another hotel and confirms it on the phone. Keep in mind I am getting billed outrageous international rates for every minute of these calls. At this point I am annoyed but satisfied that I can just find a hotel to crash in. After hailing another taxi I give him the address of this new hotel. “Sir, are you sure you want to go here? It’s about 35 miles away…”. WHAT THE FUCK. Useless idiots at Expedia booked me another room in a suburban area that was very far from the Travelodge. The taxi there alone would have cost more than hotel room itself.

Back on the phone with Expedia for another 15 minutes (being billed internationally…) so they can try again to fix the problem. Finally they found something close with a room available. It was a 20 minute walk to the new hotel and I remember noting how sketchy everything seemed. There were incredibly large amounts of homeless people, crack heads or just generally weird scenes. The venue for TOOL was also in this general area (looked like an old sketchy building as well). I am not going to judge San Francisco based on this one night/tour, but so far I have not been impressed with the city.

While walking through sketchville in San Francisco around midnight I did the only reasonable thing one would do in my situation: I ate the forbidden Orange.

I finally arrived at my hotel. However, I think they forgot a letter because it should be called a hostel. There were no washrooms in any of the rooms (shared for the floor). I am okay with low-budget places like this and sometimes they add to the fun of travelling (especially in Europe), but Expedia failed massively yesterday.

I now have to decide what I am going to do tonight. The Leafs are playing in San Jose (which is 1 hour away), and TOOL is playing down the street. I don’t have a ticket for the show yet so I am not sure what I’ll end up doing.

Either way, the schedule for the next few days is epic:
Tuesday: TOOL or Leafs
Wednesday: TOOL San Francisco (VIP ticket)
Thursday: Leafs in Los Angeles (with Sonnyboy of Toolnavy)
Friday: TOOL Fresno
Saturday: TOOL Vegas
Sunday: fly home

That’s it for now. Now it’s time to explore San Francisco and hopefully get a ticket for the TOOL show tonight, or head to San Jose for the hockey game. Thanks again to Brian for everything in Reno. I genuinely appreciate all of the help. Hope you made it home safe to Alabama.


Dick Gosinya
03-11-2014, 03:47 PM
Great write-ups Kanaduh! Keep having fun.

03-13-2014, 02:53 PM
Your reviews/stories of the road are always the best Kanaduh!

Keep writing them dude, share em on fortheye too.

Ps. When you get home I would suggest giving Expedia or Travellodge some major shit for the hotel fuckup. Did the old Asian guy not let you use their phone to find a new hotel (rather than paying the crazy roaming rates on your cell), ps. Next time yr doing a US road trip you can buy roaming packages from Rogers (if you are with them)