View Full Version : 2013.04.30 - Adelaide, Australia

05-01-2013, 05:11 PM
Setlist forthcoming...

05-01-2013, 06:06 PM
Schism (extended)
Lateralus (Adam Jones solo where the usual drum duel would go)
Intermission (actual intermission, not the song)
Synth/Drum Solo
46 & 2
Stinkfist (extended)

Sober was on the physical setlist but not played tonight.

Was a night later than expected due to them having to postpone the original night due to Maynard's ill health. He still sounded like he had a significant head cold, however gave it his best shot. Was right into the show, not speaking much but he was dancing around a lot, and also came out with a stuffed Rooster attached to his forearm for the second half of the set!

First three songs were ok (not a huge fan of Vicarious as an opener) but once Pushit came on things really lifted. The lighting for Intension was sublime with the way there smoke worked in conjunction with the lasers. Lateralus being positioned as the end of "set 1" was a great move I though.

Intermission was then projected onto the screens, as well as a 12 minute count down. House lights came on and seemed like many too the opportunity to get beer, have a piss etc. Danny came back on, spent a few minutes playing with his new synth, and then proceeded to give us a pretty decent drum solo.

The version of Jambi I thought was particularly good tonight. Sound for the show was great overall, finding the perfect balance between being loud but not too loud. Adam, Danny & Justin all seemed in good form tonight - I think I only heard a couple of small errors, and none of them appeared to have any technical hiccups.

Overall a great show, not the best I've seen them, but not the worst either. Here's hoping they can finish the new album when they get home and come back in 2014/15.