View Full Version : Embrace our mortality

12-12-2012, 02:45 AM
I feel like Tool's music mirrors how I feel, or have felt in the past.

This song helped me stop hating being alive, more than that, it helped me embrace who, what
I used to be really hateful and sick, I couldn't stand being here in this world and among humanity, I was diametrically opposed to the great collective consciousness of man and believed myself to be outside of it.
I wasn't so much this way when I was introduced to Tool, but I still felt this separation and dislike for being alive, but after extensively listening to this song, enduring certain life-experiences, dwelling, reflecting, and in general pining away has caused me to come to the understanding that I am alive and that this is a grand experience to be sharing with my kinsmen,
each moment I have in this body is a sacred and beautiful experience, each sensation across my skin, the feeling of air filling my lungs and my heart pulsating with life, I love this body and I want to take care of him, and in turn he will take care of me and give me a wondrous and grand journey in the school of LIFE. He has enabled me to learn great lessons and have some amazing and beautiful experiences.