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04-11-2012, 06:41 PM
This is a pretty hard story to tell, but it happened so I will tell it anyways. I don't even know where to start - okay here it goes. It all started when I was on a forum called toolian something or the other about the same thing, Rosetta Stoned song meaning and lyrics. We all had our own thoughts, ideas etcetera. I was talking about how it reffered to the learning languages series (Rosetta Stone). It makes sense, because if a person would want to "write it down for all the world to see" that person would need to know all languages plus Maynard has a sense of humor like that at times. At any rate, there was one line in the song that bothered me, I don't know why. "Like the time dave floated away". I wanted to know where that came from and everyone had their own ideas, Dave was Maynard's friend or a guy he got his DMT from and etc etc. Meanwhile my now ex gf had rented 2001: A Space Odyssey which was sitting on the coffee table since I joined that forum. She kept begging me to watch it and I didn't show any interest. Space movies really aren't my cup o tea. After about 3 days on that forum I finally decided to watch it with her. Now from the time I started this film to the end is where a transition happened in my life which I can't possibly even begin to describe using words, or actions. But I'll try. The entire movie I was thinking about Rosetta Stoned and to make it worse, whenever the computer HAL-9000 said "Dave" (the main characters name) I immediately thought of that song! I actually said something to her after an hour or so into the movie and she replied back "what song? wtf are you talking about?" well at any rate, I tried to put it aside, the song that is and enjoy the film. "Dave" this and "Dave" that - I was desperately looking for something now to MAKE this film FIT with that song! I was trying to grab anything I could see and turn it into a connotation or a parable of sorts, and nothing seemed to fit. It wasn't about this Dave. There was no "floating" or anything that resembled the experience from the lyrics in Rosetta Stoned. Until the end, Dave slips through a wormhole and the colors were amazing, as soon as I saw this I had goosebumps. This was it! This HAS to be what Maynard was talking about there is NO doubt in my mind! I was in shock. There was no way, I imagined that scene, I was speechless. When the movie was over I literally jumped off the couch to the computer and typed in google "Rosetta Stoned 2001: A Space Odyssey" and to my amazement, there are references to that song with that movie linked as well as Right in Two! I was fucking freaking out, ran outside to tell the ex brought her in and she was apathetic. It was like the excited kid telling his mom about the cool and rare insect he found, but she didn't care and I was and still am freaked out about that. That was in March of 2008.

I'll never forget that and to this day, 2001 is my all time favorite movie. Yes because of that and it was actually really really good! ;)

Just thought I'd share this with everyone.

Peace from Iowa.