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07-03-2011, 01:55 AM
yeah as i suggested with the title i think maynard is telling a story of possibly a drug expeirence. I dont know a whole lot on his relationship with hicks but from what I get from the lyrics i dont think he was real big on acid or shrooms or anything.

I think before hicks died maynard just kind of maybe shrugged hicks' drug influence off and had his mind opened once his friend died. "So glad its over" (describing the period from hicks death to....) "I thought you were hiding from me. And you thought that I ran away....dogma) this sort of sounds like maybe maynard had felt that he had seen hicks in an acid trip, where they met again in maynards imagination or something. Then once he realized (the next day maybe) that of course it wasnt real but his mind was open to more things, or that his 3rd eye was opened by hicks.

so i think song is sort of a message to hicks....not literally, but from maynard to his dead friend sort of goodbye you know. like, he knows hes gone and he knows he left thinking maynard just wasnt going to open up to certain things, but he wanted him to know hicks had pried open his third eye, as he described it.

idk,im not sure how the holy crow or blue 2nd sun part fits in, does anyone have any ideas??

07-03-2011, 08:12 AM
i think he is singing about the different sides of himself. all the same person, just different perspectives.