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01-16-2011, 02:40 PM

Third Eye (ext)
Right In Two
You Lied (JC did some backing vocals!!!)
Schism (ext)
Lateralus (ext)
Stinkfist (ext)


01-24-2011, 05:17 AM
Second song was Jambi. Encore was aenema then stinkfist. In the set somewhere they played a bit of orion. I don't know names of tool songs but it was a killer show. Hopefully someone else can fill in the gaps.

01-24-2011, 06:23 AM
Third Eye (extended bit at the end)
Right In Two
You Lied (JC did some backing vocals!!!)
Schism (extended double speed middle bit)
Lateralus (extended)
Stinkfist (extended)

10 songs in total. Best Tool show I have ever seen (it was my 9th). I was texting Hellboy throughout and he was pretty excited. Sorry mate about keeping you waiting after Schism.

Anyway, seriously, I got reacquainted with an old friend tonight. The band really blew me away. So tight. So powerful. And the Intension/Right In Two and then You Lied thing was ridiculous!!! Loved every minute. Crowd loved it. Unbelievable stuff. Wow.


01-24-2011, 07:04 AM
Spot on with the list (Except for the spelling of Aenema! :P)

Agreed, only my 5th show but I would have to say it was incredible. So much more intimate and a better sound than Big Day Out the night before. Sydney Entertainment Centre in 2007 was also fantastic...but this was...unbelievable.

The whole set seemed so emotive - and I definately didn't expect Intension or You Lied...I couldn't have been happier.

One day, if I can witness Pushit (and much less likely Eulogy) I can be buried a happy man.

Thanks boys! Unbelievable!

01-24-2011, 07:11 AM
I was the loud guy full of love front and centre;

"Hi Jacob. Welcome to the party pal"

And my personal favourite:
Maynard: "Thank you...."
Maynard: "... See you soon."

I actually had a busy afternoon/evening interacting with the band. When sitting outside the door to the main arena, I had my ear against the door listening to sound check, and when i heard the elec drum I said to the lineup "Oooh, electronic pads. Means they're gonna do Intension! Intension into Right In Two... mmm yes please!" The next thing we hear is Maynard being either grumpy or cheeky, from inside the arena... "In... Intent. Intension into Right in Two. woooowowowoowooo. Say yes if you can hear me." My mate and I were like YES, then I proceeded to thank them for doing You Lied in sound check, but I think he was over it by then ;p Also, NO FUCKING IDEA how he heard me/knew what I said, unless there were people just inside the door relaying messages?

Prompted Maynard at the top of my lungs when he forgot the lyrics to Right In Two, claim to fame baby hahah! :D

But, got love from all band members, love from everyone attending, hell got love from the bouncers until one ****** picked up Danny's drumstick right infront of us and chucked it over our heads, set was good, tight except a couple of stuff ups but definitely a 9/10 for the gig as a whole. Jacob (support act) were AMAZING for a support act, if you haven't heard their stuff GET INTO IT, it was perfect to open a Tool concert with.

FUCK I FEEL AMAZING RIGHT NOW... 4th Tool gig. Felt like I was a part of them, like everyone was a part of them. I love it.

01-24-2011, 07:36 AM
Diabz, I don't know what drugs you are on, but I wouldn't mind a spoonful.

Seems Intension was a third time ever play, and You Lied was the first time in over 11 years...is that right? Both songs were incredible to hear live. Whilst I have always liked Intension, suddenly I feel like I actually "get" it. Sounds really stupid, and I can't even describe what it is I feel about the song, but listening to it again now...it just feels right in a way I never understood before. Totally didn't expect something like that to happen again tonight, but back in 2002 I had a similar experience with H.

Does anyone know why Maynard pulled out a Score Card with a big "4" on it? Was he scoring the band? It made me chuckle. Would have loved to buy a bottle of Maynard's Finest, he was sharing it around with the band and I would love to get my hands on some in Australia...

And yeah, I thought Jacob was pretty tight too...great progressive instrumental rock.

01-24-2011, 07:40 AM
Oh, and does anyone know what was played before Aenema - during the Intermission? Does it have a name?

01-24-2011, 07:56 AM
The 4 was a score for Danny's drum solo... Maynard's been scoring solos/guest appearances for I'm not sure how long.

The intermission I don't believe has a name. They used it when the band went offstage before performing Wings during the last tour (I had a flashback at one point of Maynard's request for no flash photography during the next song). When it started I was getting pretty excited, I remembered it from the Sydney 07 gig but couldn't remember whether it was before Wings or Rosetta.

As for drugs? Lots but I had my ear glued to the door during sound check, and apparently HEAPS of people took photos of it. Sif I mind hearing them perform before the show, I've heard their songs a gazillion times, I come to SEE the band! :D

01-24-2011, 08:06 AM
wasn't it (-) ions or something?

I was in the back mosh surrounded by some very tall people. I'm thinking seats next time. But it was my first Tool show and I've been a big fan since 1998. So I ticked a few boxes tonight. Glad to hear it was one of their best shows. I had a great time.

01-24-2011, 08:14 AM
(-)ions was after Aenema. Apparently it is now always used as the intro to Stinkfist, regardless I think it should be named before Stinkfist every time because it is still one of their songs in its own right.

The sound effects during the Intermission (before Aenema) was something different...I thought it may have been (-)ions at first but it was different...I thought it was their live replacement until I heard it before Stinkfist...funny that I didn't notice (-)ions before Stinkfist at Big Day Out...maybe it was the poor mixing on the Blue Stage...

Seek to the Death Rattle
01-24-2011, 11:36 AM
Danny's set has had electronic pads going back to the early-mid 90s, and feature in almost all of their songs. They used to be simmons pads in the 90s, then around lateralus era he also incorporated a korg wave drum, and then since around 2006 he uses mandala pads (which he helped develop), which is what you hear on intension but also songs like 46 & 2, & vicarious. Great that they played Intension/Right in Two....I have only heard them once ever live. Sounds like a great gig.

01-24-2011, 03:07 PM
Great gig, my third show, I would have liked something off Undertow or Opiate but that probably wouldn't have worked with the rest of the setlist

A few fails but overall so so tight. It was great to see Adam experimenting with his sounds and playing a bit of keys. Hopefully we hear some stuff like that on the new album.

Jakob are a real find too. Might have to buy their album. Would be great to listen to while doing assignments.

Mr Squiggle
01-24-2011, 07:29 PM
Set list:
• Third Eye
• Jambi
• Vicarious (ultra-slow intro)
• Intention
• Right in two
• You Lied
• Schism (thrash bit in the middle)
• Lateralus (Adam does variations on the intro)
• Aenima
• Stinkfist

I’ve seen Tool twice, 2000 & 2001(?), both in Sydney. I missed the whole 2007 tour they did down here, and was buried in work when this tour was announced back in November. Basically, I missed my chance at the Melbourne shows, so my only option was Brisbane. I bit the bullet and flew up to see them. All up the trip, hotel, tickets and taxis has cost in excess of $1,000.

Christ it was worth it. Visually stunning, tight, incredible sounds. A show for the real fans with Tool's preferred sound and set list. (No disrespect to BDO fans, but the mix just doesn't work for me at festivals) They’re not very loud though. It’s definitely one of the heaviest things I’ve ever heard, by my ears just weren’t ringing when I left.

I got an email from Brisbane Entertainment Centre the night before the show saying Tool would start 9:15, so I wasn’t too fussed when I queued up outside at 8:50, only to hear the rumbling as they went on at 9:00. I missed most of Third Eye and if they did something before it, I missed it too. Bloody B.E.C. twits.

I was on the floor up the back, so a clear view of the stage was not on offer. I don’t know what they feed the local teenagers around here, it must be a mix of Queensland beef and Gold Coast pussy, but they are all over 6 foot 2. It was hard to focus on Danny, which I wanted more than anything.

Justin C is getting more and more ROCK with his stage movements as time goes by. This guy has heavy music deep down inside, and its starting to take over his outer shell. God knows what’s going to happen to him when he gets older, he’ll probably get skin conditions without Tool as an outlet.

I couldn’t believe it when ‘You Lied’ started up, I never thought I’d hear that live again. I was almost in tears, a woman behind me yelling “they’re playing it omigod omigod”.

There was no real audience contact from Maynard to mention, except in Stinkfist, the local crowd weren’t aware of the extended bridge and started singing too soon, ‘Liar, cheat thief etc” > Maynard said “Ha Ha, tricked you’ through his megaphone/microphone thing.

Oh yes, he also said ‘Thank You’ before they started Stinkfist.

Desperate to find tickets now for Myer Music Bowl

01-24-2011, 08:27 PM
I also missed third eye last night due to getting there right on time thanks to the email. Stupid pricks, if I hadn't seen it the night before I would have been even more annoyed.

A few thoughts:

Jambi actually sounded very good last night, it just sounded like mush at the BDO set, a song that suffers without perfect sound. The sound last night was at least 1000 x better than the idiotic BDO

Totally adore the new Lateralus extension, very atypical guitar for tool and so damn tight! I think that some of the set has become a bit stale from all the touring, but that bit was so disciplined and immediate, the way they sound when they have new material to play.

Intension into Right In Two was superb, and really Danny's time to shine, QLD has missed out on most of the longer 10000 days numbers, so that one was a welcome addition. Flood the night before was monstrous, so I was shitty about losing that one from this set. You Lied was a cool addition, hearing tool at their most Melvins-y.

Love the Aenema themed set list they are using at the moment. Definately my favourite era for them, so book ending the set list with Third Eye and Stinkfist is the right thing by me. I hoped they would just drop Stinkfist from the set after playing it at every show since '96 (probably) but it operates very well as a closer, and was performed very well.

GRIPES: Vicarious - I am so over it, and Maynard sings less and less of it every time. I think if he's going to treat the song that way then the boys can rip out Triad or something.

Artwork - love how the visuals for each song transport you into the world of the album it came from, in the sense that each era of Tool has a distinctive visual style to accompany the music. The biggest let down for me has been the continuing (and continuing ... and continuing) collaboration between Alex Grey and the band. Adore the Lateralus artwork, but they needed to pick someone different to illustrate 10000 days. The recent era feels visually uninspiring since its just like alex grey but different. Basically, I want them to move past Grey's transcendental spirit world enlightenment mumbo jumbo and go for something darker and more in tune with their current vibe.

All in all, a very satisfying show, unmeasurable leagues above the shit '07 BDO gig, this one gets close to the 2002 Brizzy gig. I would recommend this tour to folk everywhere.

01-24-2011, 08:59 PM
Most of it's been covered but just a few points:

Mix so much better than the BDO. Could actually hear Maynard tonight.
Still no Intolerance. Will I ever hear it live?
The extended bit of Lateralus included a bit of Orion.

I have to say that as brilliant as these shows are, they still don't seem to have the same vibe as the Lateralus tour shows. It may just be that Lateralus is my favourite album but I'd be interested to hear what others think.

01-24-2011, 10:08 PM
I have to agree with qz8rdr…maybe because my favourite album is also Lateralus.

As a long time Tool fan, I admit I had high expectations for this show having seen them 4 times previously when they completely blew my mind. Friends had told me that that their performance at the BDO the day before was “not great”. Anyway I ignored that and looked forward to a night of thundering brilliance.

I want to cut my hand off as I type this but the whole show left me underwhelmed.

Admittedly like others it didn’t start well with a mad rush to get inside after hearing they were starting 30 mins earlier than the BEC email.

For me, not sure it was the structure of the set or the set itself but it just never seemed to gain the momentum they normally achieve. It was visually great, Jambi and Schism soared and Danny gave 110% - no complaints there but it just didn’t get to the heights I thought it could have.

I know he is not a show frontman but Keenan seemed bored at times and yes, maybe he was taking the piss out of the whole thing. In the past I wouldve enjoyed this diversion, but not tonight. I was too busy wondering why I was at a Tool show feeling like I wanted more.

The white noise "encore" irritated me and those standing around me.. …what was its purpose? I think having already been left a little flat, this didnt help.

Aenima and Stinkfist were powerful and I wanted the show to start again from there, but for me it was too little, too late.

Ive wondered if my very high expectations let me down, was I pissed at Keenan for seeming so disinterested, was I too sober to ignore the irritants or did the aggressive security at the side of the second barrier dampen my groove..not sure.

Whatever it was, it left me gutted that I felt that way…didn’t expect that.

01-24-2011, 10:55 PM
^^I tend to disagree with the posts above about the show not being the same or as good as the Lateralus shows. I was at the Lateralus Brisbane gig (22/4/02) and I enjoyed last night much more. If anything, I left that night back in '02 slightly underwhelmed. Songs that night like Flood, The Grudge, Parabola, H and Reflection were unreal but I just think last night had so much energy in the performance. Granted, I would love to see them do the Disposition/Reflection/Triad thing again but with their current energy etc. Reflection that night 9 years ago was perfect. Seriously flawless.

Anyway, I can understand how you feel if Lateralus is your favourite. But last night with Third Eye, Jambi, Right In Two, You Lied, Schism, Lateralus, Aenema and Stinkfist just blew me away. Such solid stuff, particularly the extended versions and longer numbers. Intension was nice and I think Vicarious would be great if MJK sang the whole fucking thing (yes, I know why he doesn't but it still would be much better if he could nail a few more lines like the last one).

By the way, opening with Third Eye? Don't think anyone can top that...

01-25-2011, 12:46 AM
I also tend to disagree with the qz8rdr and louie56. I went to the '02 in Brisbane, '07 BDO at the Gold Coast, '07 show in Sydney and now '11 BDO Gold Coast and '11 in Brisbane. Sure, each show has varied in the normal way that any humanly conceived product will - but I always struggle to endorse any one show above another (exception being better sound quality at concerts rather than festivals).

I missed the shows from the 90's but I don't feel like anything has changed in the result. Each is always so impressive. It surprises me how critical people can be...I could never pay $130 to see a show only to break down every single thing and over analyze it.

Maybe I am just too easy to impress, but as I have seen many other people say - I follow them along on their journey for a couple of hours, relax, and absorb - accept the odd mistake (as they are human beings) - I walk out wondering not only how they can do what they do, but how they created something so fantastic...my only disappointment in any TOOL concert is that they will never sound that clear, full and complete on my media players...

Anyway, thats probably just me.

Oh - and for all those complaining about the Entertainment Centre's email - sure, it isn't good...but this is a TOOL concert people...why the hell werent you there at 7:30 like the rest of us to be completely and 100% sure that there is absolutely no traffic, no public transport issues, no car break down and no freaking other thing that can possibly get between you and the band you love? I think we all really know who is to blame here...

01-25-2011, 01:05 AM
why the hell werent you there at 7:30 like the rest of us to be completely and 100% sure that there is absolutely no traffic, no public transport issues, no car break down and no freaking other thing that can possibly get between you and the band you love? I think we all really know who is to blame here...[/QUOTE]

Ugh that would be because we have jobs that finished late arvie before travelling from the flood affected Lockyer Valley to get there. So I was pretty happy to arrive there safe and sound..believe me, if I had the time I woulda been there sooner.


01-25-2011, 01:18 AM
Yeah, fair enough I guess...I just take holidays / the day off / leave early. Nothing gets between me and my TOOL fix...


01-26-2011, 12:56 AM
its good to see tool are finally hitting their straps after all these years .I have seen tool everytime they have toured sometimes 2 or 3 times on the same tour .But that concert was seriously one of the best i can remember .And what a fucken ending probably the hardest i have heard Aenima and stinkfist ever played . and the light show and what i had consumed made me a very happy camper . Cant wait for new album this year . can they get any better than that ,probably .

01-26-2011, 01:43 AM
Hmm, I thought the gig was good, though fell somewhat short of being great. There certainly were excellent moments, but there was something lacking in the performance.

The sound/mix was pretty patchy at times, with bass/bottom-end overload destroying some of the dynamics of quieter parts - not sure if this is venue specific sound issues or otherwise. Carey is still the monster and I tend to be pretty fixated on him during the show, he's just amazing to watch. Justin was as animated as ever. Though the more I see maynard, the more I think he's just going through the motions these days. Not sure whether it's just another pay check to him or what, but I find it interesting to see the progression of maynard's position on stage from aenema, where he had a traditional front man's role; to lateralus, moving to the back of the stage, though still lit up; to 10,000days where he's basically back of stage in the dark most of the set. And as much as Danny and Justin do their best and play their hearts out, Maynard's feigned apathy/indifference to performing these days seems to really distract from the bands performance far greater than I would like or I'm sure he would admit too(but then maybe it's just me, as quite a lot of reviews I've read thought this was the greatest performance from tool since sliced bread was invented by them ;-)

I wasn't the biggest fan of 10,000 days(let me get that off my chest!), again it had some great/outstanding moments, but it kind of seemed unfinished to me and didn't gel like previous releases(and I hate to use the word filler in describing a tool album, but...) I thought the production sounded promising(the production was so different to lateralus and aenema, it was if they found a palette full of colours to work with-don't get me wrong the production on both lateralus & aenema are pretty spectacular, though after hearing what they achieved with the 10,000 days sound I do wonder how aenema or lateralus would sound with similar production qualities), but I digress. Not being the biggest fan of 10,000 days and getting over half the set of songs from that album, before the encore, was probably going to disappoint me a little. And to have nothing off Undertow was probably a bigger surprise to me.

In saying that Third Eye was spectacular, I had a flashback to '97 when I saw them open with the same song at Festival Hall in Melbourne, I had high hopes of an amazing performance with a spectacular setlist. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way for me. Right in Two and You Lied were other great moments in the set. The performance of Orion was a cool little addition to the set. A couple of mistakes by the guys in the set, but nothing of train-wreck proportions and I think most punters would have missed them anyways. But I don't think they took away from the performance, more just an observation by myself. I realize the guys haven't played/toured as a unit for some time, so are probably a little rusty.

So it was a good gig, but not a spectacular one(for me anyways) and to be fair they aren't touring a new album, so a new stage production isn't warranted for these shows. Having a memory bank and experiences of Tool show's all the way back to '95's Alternative Nation and having caught a stack of shows over the years since, not just here in Oz, but also the US and UK, it's been a pretty amazing journey to watch the progression and evolution of Tool as a performing unit. It's amazing to see what they've achieved and accomplished in this time. However, I do think they seem to have hit a bit of a bump or at some sort of crossroads creatively. People change, things naturally progress, evolve, die, etc and obviously Tool of the Undertow/AEnema/Lateralus era is no longer the Tool of the current 10,000 days(which is close to 5 years old anyway!) and the new album could be light years away from the previous 10,000 days. With Maynard having his fingers in so many pies and his passion seemingly now all things wine, I wonder what effect this has on creating the new Tool album. Either way I'm still looking forward to see what they come up with for their new album.

Looking forward to seeing them at the Melbourne BDO and pretty pumped for the Melbourne sideshow at the Myer Music bowl as I've got a great seat up close!


Feel free to critique/flame/agree/disagree I welcome it all ;^)

Hopefully catch up with a few of you guys at the Melb BBQ before the show.


01-26-2011, 02:41 AM
^Monkeyboy: in the time it took you to type that post, you could’ve gone to a doctor, got a recommendation to see a psychologist, seen the psychologist, got a prescription for some anti-depressants, bought them and then taken them. Cheer the fuck up dude!! How bloody high are your standards? And what’s this rubbish about Tool having hit some type of ‘creative crossroads’ etc.? C’mon man. Life is worth living; enjoy a concert rather than critique it. You are entitled to your opinion but I cannot think of what you were wanting out of Monday night? What would Tool have to do to make you happy at that show? I don’t know…


And yes, I too can post the same thing on two different opinion boards :)

01-26-2011, 03:32 AM
^Monkeyboy: in the time it took you to type that post, you could’ve gone to a doctor, got a recommendation to see a psychologist, seen the psychologist, got a prescription for some anti-depressants, bought them and then taken them. Cheer the fuck up dude!! How bloody high are your standards? And what’s this rubbish about Tool having hit some type of ‘creative crossroads’ etc.? C’mon man. Life is worth living; enjoy a concert rather than critique it. You are entitled to your opinion but I cannot think of what you were wanting out of Monday night? What would Tool have to do to make you happy at that show? I don’t know…


And yes, I too can post the same thing on two different opinion boards :)

haha yeah that makes 2 of us :) and yes my standards are pretty bloody high! Melbourne better be bloody flawless and I expect Maynard to personally serve me a glass of his finest red(better be aged!) between songs.

actually you might have missed the part where i said the show was good :) though i'm not sure the meds and psychological help are warranted, but i'm happy to hear you had some sort of spiritual awakening in brisbane.

01-26-2011, 05:56 AM
^That's cool mate. I just hope that they play some of your favourites down there. Just seen the Sydney BDO setlist and they have mixed it just a little bit. I didn't quite have a spiritual awakening but my friend next to me, who has never really been that into Tool (the only song name he definitely knows is Schism), said "Fuck - that was intense!!" upon the end of Stinkfist. It's all good. Enjoy Melbourne :)

I wish I could go but I kinda have to work that day and the next day here in Sydney. Damn. Stupid full time job...

01-26-2011, 01:37 PM
^That's cool mate. I just hope that they play some of your favourites down there. Just seen the Sydney BDO setlist and they have mixed it just a little bit. I didn't quite have a spiritual awakening but my friend next to me, who has never really been that into Tool (the only song name he definitely knows is Schism), said "Fuck - that was intense!!" upon the end of Stinkfist. It's all good. Enjoy Melbourne :)

I wish I could go but I kinda have to work that day and the next day here in Sydney. Damn. Stupid full time job...

*cough cough* there is a flu going around sydney you know........

01-26-2011, 02:38 PM
Few days later but figured I should add my $0.02 to the discussion.

A very strange vibe.
This was my first time seeing Tool in Brisbane (4 times in Sydney, once in Melbourne thus far) and let me say, I don't know if it was a once off or not, but the crowd was wonderful. And by wonderful, I mean relatively subdued and respectful.

Ten people deep from the barrier, right in front of Justin and there was... Serenity. Sure, odd bouts of head banging and lots of sing alongs, but all restrained, respectful. Tooo many times in Sydney I've had to put up with moshers and thrashers at Tool. If you're moshing at Tool, you're missing the point.

So *THANK YOU* Brisbane for giving this jaded Sydneysider faith again, and for being conducive to a wonderful, intimate, surreal vibe, quite unlike any of my previous Tool experiences. I take back at least half of the bad things I've ever said about your state ;)

Justin seems to be REALLY enjoying himself this tour, I agree with whoever said he's becoming more "rock". Love it. And LOVE his monster backing vocals to YL.
Perhaps we'll see him take a more notable backing vocalist role as MJK's voice "matures" (Read - Weakens increasingly with age)

But at least MJK has a sense of humor about it. During the dropped final line of Vicarious, love his "hand puppet talk" mimicking all the singing along. Bless you, Maynard!

Not enough love for the Orion jam during Lateralus. A wonderfully unexpected joy.

Downside for the night was having someone ruin for me the fact that they were opening with Third Eye, and being told to expect You Lied (I fucking HATE spoilers)

Overall, I'd put this show at 7/10 on the Tool scale. They're weren't at their greatest, but they were still damn fucking good, and that's a damn sight better then most bands can ever hope to be.

01-26-2011, 02:43 PM
Oh, and loved the sped up middle of Schism. Things like that, and the Orion jam during Lateralus, keep the show fresh without disrespecting the material.

Wonder if the sped up Schism will become the live standard, like the extended Stinkfist, with or without "white lines"

01-26-2011, 03:08 PM
The white noise "encore" irritated me and those standing around me.. …what was its purpose? I think having already been left a little flat, this didnt help.

MJK resting his vocals I would think.

01-28-2011, 01:37 PM
I'm home now. I sent my last message from outside the Entertainment Centre while stuck in traffic. There were no other posts on here at that time, so I thought I would send something off. Well, what a great show! Only my second Tool concert. '07 GC BDO only other and I loved every minute of that.

Opening with Third Eye was brilliant. It just seemed to go on and on and then to go into Jambi...WOW!! I was a little disappointed that they started the funky beat bit at the end of Jambi one or two beats after what it is on the album. I love that bit of the song. My thoughts are that the sound at the start of the gig was a bit muddy, which was disappointing for Jambi, but it did clear up after about the third song.

The sound on You Lied was different from the other songs. VERY punchy and clean.

Visuals were stunning. Only once did I notice a glitch in the LCD's (on the stage below and between Maynard and Danny). I've been to gigs where whole sections of these things have gone out for extended periods. Little bit of Orion was nice. Drum solos were incredibly tight. Some of the pauses between songs was a little long and the white noise encore was interesting to say the least. I quite liked it for the simple fact that it was different than the usual and gave us something to focus on while we 'waited' for the band to return.

Overall, a very impressive gig. I have converted my partner into a Tool fan. Well, actually, it didn't take much convincing, particularly after she saw them at the '07 BDO with me. So, attending with someone who appreciated their music made it that much better. The signed poster was icing on the cake.

01-28-2011, 03:24 PM
Having spent the last 30 years bringing up five children whilst extolling the music of such bands as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple I didn’t take much real notice of what my children listened to. My three sons all immense TOOL fans suggested I may like to go to a TOOL concert with them to be re-educated. Well here is one nunna who is quite converted. Visually I found myself mesmerised, such stories these images and lights were telling. My eldest (30) having been to seven or eight TOOL concerts said that this was definitely the best so far. The music was like a re-awakening for me. Such intensity and passion. I have to say Danny Carey IS the world’s greatest drummer no question. (sorry John Bonham-but hey you had your time) Maynard is totally intriguing. ( I have a grandson Maynard, yes they are THAT dedicated TOOL fans) What a night. Now I just want to go to another TOOL show and see what happens next. Who needs drugs. Oh and I adored the Benny Hill song “Ernie” at the end. Love to know whose idea that was. Perfect, “and he drove the fastest milk-cart in the west!” Good old Trigger. BTW, I am not that old, only a year or so older than Danny but he looks like about 35. Talk about fit. Wanna know more about that chap. Oh my sons, what have you done to me?

01-28-2011, 06:53 PM
Only my second Tool show (first being the night before at BDO) but soooo much better than BDO gig. Sound, Visuals (they fixed the screen behind Danny and the centre left one that they turned off for the BDO show) all so much better, and although like many other poster's above i was disappointed at not hearing anything from Undertow and only Third Eye/Stinkfist/Aenema from Aenima, was still a brilliant show. Was up on wing near Adam and it was a great vantage point.

Never thought i'd get to hear You Lied live, was great. Would have rathered The Pot than Right in Two though. Was praying for Pushit or H or even Eulogy but hey what are ya gonna do they aren't a fucking jukebox.

To those who say MJK isn't really 'into it' anymore, I can see where you are coming from... but how can you analyze his demeanor properly, he's hiding in the dark for the most part! His singing was great, his humor is intact (laughing at everybody who sang normal ending to stinkfist instead of waiting for extended end) he even posted a little video on FB taken backstage at the brisbane show with the band doing silly interpretive hand signals and him walking out at the start, classic stuff. Maybe the only thing that irked me off a bit was him basically running offstage while everyone else stayed and bowed more and thanked everyone, especially adam who stayed the longest and was most animated.

Already waiting in anticipation of promo tour for next album... please be this year!!!!

P.S to the freaks that sat next to me... waiting a seat away and then girl swapping with boy to avoid sitting next to SHOCK another man... grow up it's a concert not 5th grade.

01-28-2011, 09:24 PM
This was my third Tool show and by far the worse.

I'll make this short and not rave on about it.

1. Maynard’s voice was inconsistently quiet. Especially in songs like Vicarious, Jambi, Third eye. Songs like You Lied, Right in Two, Aenima, he sounded great, but other songs, I had to really really listen for his voice.

2. Maynard was not interested at all. I know he doesn’t talk to the crowed, but he at least would dance and move like a puppet and just get into the show. He just stood there, moved here and there, and then didn’t even embrace the cowed after the show. He didn’t even embrace his band like the others did.

3. The set list was poor. You Lied was a pleasant surprise, but Intentions is still by far in my opinion the worst Tool song, and still feels like one big intermission, intro song. No Opiate and Undertow really hurt. The set was too short. About 95mins, and if Intentions weren’t played and another song played instead, like flood and pushit/patient, the set would have been far more solid. Also, I am not old school so I cannot appreciate Orion, and imo it didn’t fit the song.

4. Presentation. The band hasn’t really involved in their presentation. It's still pretty much the same as when I saw them 8 years ago, and then they brought the Schism actors to perform some strange acts on the show. Tool need to take a lesson to what Trent Rezor did.

The show was good, but not great, and differently not worth the airline ticket I paid to see them.

01-29-2011, 01:47 AM
This was my 5th show, and by far the best of the lot. I saw them the previous evening at the BDO and the sound was so much better at the side show. I loved the stage setup with the screens behind the band. Looked fantastic from where I was. Sound was incredible and I loved the setlist. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Sure i'd have loved to have heard some Undertow or Opiate stuff, but it was a great setlist and seemed to flow well. I would have liked Maynard to actually talk to the crowd, but having been to a few Tool shows now, I know that that just doesnt really happen.

I quite liked the support band (Jakob) as well, I only got there in time to see the last 2 songs of their set, but really enjoyed it. Enough that I bought one of their albums from Itunes. Really kicking myself for not getting there eariler.

Anyway great show, and wish I was going to Melbourne to see them again. Hopefully it doesnt take another 7-8 years to get another proper Tool concert in Brisbane.

02-07-2011, 08:21 PM
I saw Tool last time they toured Brisbane and rate it as the best gig I've ever been too, but i must say i was unimpressed by this Brisbane show in comparison, perhaps it was there set list?.................................

02-22-2011, 09:21 PM
Listening to the bootleg and coming to realise that in fact I couldn't hear most of the vocals D:

03-02-2011, 08:04 PM
if anyone has a link to that boot..

05-07-2011, 01:31 AM
I've lived on torrents of TOOL and I haven't seen a bootleg of the brisbane set. Its myth.

There is a bootleg from a 2002 but no one is seeding (isohunt)

05-07-2011, 07:37 PM
i have it lol