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05-04-2010, 02:24 PM
Reviews only, please.

Third Eye
(-) Ions
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
46 & 2

07-10-2010, 05:08 AM
Article is pretty lame, but pics are cool.

07-10-2010, 07:47 AM
Wow. What a great show.

My second time seeing them so there was no way they could disappoint.

It was an interesting evening, as we went through to show our tickets the security guy pulled us aside, "sir, your buddy is intoxicated" so I had to talk my very drunk brother through this security guy (while I was extremely high, love BC)

But we got in no problem after that and the show was great. I'll have more on that later, but for now, it's sleep time.

Spiral out.

07-10-2010, 09:16 AM
Setlist was identical, no Right in Two though.

Show was fantastic, my 6th Tool show but I'd definitely put it up higher than the 2006 show. MJK was high in the mix and actually looked like he was enjoying himself. Did the typical taking pictures of everyone with his iPhone, taking his wine bottle to the other guys for them to drink.

MJK chatter:

After the Rajas drummer came out and did the duet with Danny, MJK: 'Thanks for that duel...drumming...display of ******ry....you douchebags.'

Also there was the 'Everything's gonna turn out ok.' To be followed up just before Lateralus with 'See? I told you it'd turn out ok.'

Before Intolerance it was: 'Put your fingers up if you've seen Back To The Future....you know where Michael J. Fox goes back in time and sees himself from the past...no, it was the future...no, the past. Well, this song is like that.'

Last was just before Aenema: 'Anyone hear the joke about Michael Jackson going in to the doctor's office?...'

The show itself was great, MJK actually looked like he was really in to it, Justin's a beast on the bass (though we all know that). The merch was ridiculous. I know our dollar's at, oh I'd say...about 95 cents now, but that meant the venue specific shirts were $55, the prints $30, the signed prints $120....really? And had to pass on the venue specific shirts since all they had were L and XL...no thanks, I'm 6 feet tall and weight 140lbs. I don't diet solely on mass amounts of burritos and pizza.

Security was pretty tight on camera/cellphone use. No joke, one of the guys had a green laser pointer that you could actually see the beam and a few times he'd see someone literally about 20 rows up in the stands and ZAP...green dot right on their face. Pretty crazy.

Stage lighting was fantastic. It was weird not having new tracks or a new album, but I'll take a Tool show any day. All in all, a fantastic night, my girlfriend's first Tool show and she was blown away, even though we were squished on the rail in front of Justin the whole time!

07-10-2010, 04:33 PM
By far the best Tool show I have yet been to. The sound was incredible - danny and justin were huge and adam was spot on.. and even nardo seemed to be having a good time. Visually it was more intense than I remember. No complaints about the setlist, glad it was different than the last two shows I saw. Opening with Third Eye was beyond epic.

"There were more than a few concert-goers who didn't get their cocktail of intoxicants right stumbling about."

So true. We got on 2 wrong skytrains trying to get home and my girlfriend had a couple pukes. Good times.

07-10-2010, 05:48 PM
absolutely amazing!! my 4th Tool show, deffinately at the top of the list.

the evening was as close to perfect as it could be. even though the sun took a hiatus, it was still exceptionally warm and the beers were ice cold and plentifull.

as always, the crowd was a diverse group. took some time till hang around in the concourse and people watch. was surprised to see quite a few really young kids who must have begged their very 'straight' looking parent(s) to take them to Tool. talked to a lot of fans that made the drive to Van from various parts of the province. smoked a joint with a guy and his gf who drove in from Creston and were heading back right after the show was done. 10 hours here and 10 back= true fans!

caught half of Rajas' set and from what i heard it wasn't too bad.

setlist was the same as the previous Canadian dates.

as soon as the house lights went down it was easy to see the multitude of flickering lighters and the familiar aroma of BC's finest filled the stadium!!

can't say enough about opening with Third Eye, was a great way to kick off the show!! you could tell right away that the sound crew had dialed in an almost perfect mix of the band and Maynard's vocals, something that i thought was lacking during the 06/07 run. Jambi kicked ass as usual, and EBA/ The Patient was stellar!! my personal high lite of the night was Intolerance, they absolutely nailed it! would like to see it added as a staple at every show. there's been a lot of chatter on this forum about dropping songs like Schism and Stinkfist and after last night i'm starting to lean that way too. the same had been said about 46 & 2 but once again it proves to be an incredibly powerful song live and i never get tired of hearing it. Lateralus and Aenema came off without a hitch and topped off the evening. would have to say that the drummer from Rajas did a decent job of trying to keep up with DC during the battle but got crushed in the end.

the only negative thing i can say about the whole night was during the intermission before the encore. i thought the crowd was fairly passive and not anything like 06. as usual, after thanking his band mates, Maynard quickly left the stage. thankfully, the crowd redeemed themselves and gave Adam, Justin and Danny much love!!

thank you Tool for another night i'll not soon forget!! looking forward to the next time around.......

07-11-2010, 02:26 PM
review from the Vancouver Sun.....

"In an age when success hinges largely on your ability to constantly deliver gossip, news and updates about your whereabouts in 140 characters or less, Tool is an anomaly.

In fact, it could be argued frontman Maynard James Keenan and company have uttered less than 140 words in the press concerning Tool’s progress over the last four years.

It has been this long since the prog/art/experimental metal quartet’s last release, 10,000 Days.

And although rumours abound regarding the band currently working on a forthcoming fifth full-length studio album, trying to ascertain when it will see the light of day is just as mind-boggling as trying to understand what Keenan is really trying to say in his dark, wounded, psychedelia-injected poetry.

That’s not a slight to Keenan or Tool in any way. In fact, it’s what makes Tool grand.

The same way King Crimson and Pink Floyd lived away from the media spotlight and preferred twisting their musical genius into enigmatic visual constructions — Tool’s music videos are still some of the best you’ll ever see — Tool has always been a band that loves to stay in the background.

Look at Keenan, dodging the lights and hogging the shadows in concert. Look at guitarist and visual mastermind Adam Jones, barely seen under the swirl of the projections he helped, in large part, design. Feel drummer Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor’s presence, especially in your rib cage, more than you stare at them.

And although the band is often less the focal point than the spellbinding stage presentations, which includes everything from strobes to lasers to screens featuring the band’s signature stop-motion and CGI animations, Tool still holds the top spot as the “thinking man’s metal band” and its musical skills far surpass that of mere pop mortals.

No new material in four years? Still, what a trip and what a treat a Tool show is, and Friday night’s at Rogers Arena (so long, GM Place) was no different.

The sold-out offering began with psychedelic rockers Rajas, a Los Angeles-based act fronted by composer Ben Sherazi, who originally conceived the Sanskrit-inspired project with James Maxwell and Aaron Harris of Isis (another past Tool opener).

The band, now consisting of Sherazi, bassist Paul Jones, drummer/producer Gino Barboni and “synthesist” and longtime Timothy Leary associate Vince DeFranco, delivered some heavy grooves from its self-titled debut released in June.

Not exactly primo stuff vocals-wise (and a sizable chunk of the crowd missed it due to terribly long lines at the gates), but Rajas’ half-hour set made for a logical segue into Tool’s 100-minute epic offering, which, conveniently enough, kicked off with a recorded intro by Dr. Leary himself (“Think for yourself, question authority”), leading into Keenan’s ode to LSD, Third Eye.

In front of a wall of morphing fractals, Keenan’s shadow danced, his distorted voice screaming out of a megaphone slung around his shoulder.

By the end of the 10-minute monster opening track, it was clear Tool wasn’t just playing by numbers.

“OK then,” Keenan said. “It’s all gonna work out.”

The band then lunged into Jambi, with its wild dynamic shifts and odd time signatures.

Again, Keenan preferred the shelter of the low riser at the back of the stage, his shadow this time dancing before a blood-red collage of CGI animation in sync with the band’s thunderous riffs.

When the song’s big break hit, the floor erupted, Jones delivering a razor sharp solo that, if only a brief moment, put one of Tool’s members in the spotlight.

And there lies Tool’s greatest asset: the music.

No gimmicks, but plenty of frills, both on a visual scale and on a technical scale, and it all sounded so incredibly good.

Keenan’s voice, from its lowest whimper to its hugest scream, was crystalline even when filled with static, especially on the massive Stinkfist, which brought out one of Tool’s most devastating riffs (complete with stop-motion animation on screen).

It’s hard to believe that, 40 minutes into the show, we were barely four songs in, the fourth being Vicarious, which took its sweet time to explode in all its laser-filled, Floydian glory, the crowd at once enthralled, going wild or just plain stunned.

Tool was just getting started, more screens coming to life, more lasers streaming across the arena for Eon Blue Apocalypse and “oldie” Intolerance (from 1992’s Undertow), which Keenan introduced by likening the song to a Back to the Future moment.

It was pretty much all the jibber jabber you would get from Keenan all night, and the elusive frontman would remain in the background throughout the show, his shadow at times seen clasping a bottle, hanging on to the microphone or manning the synths on Schism, one of Tool’s biggest “singles.”

By the time the band wrapped the encore with Lateralus (Rajas’ drummer Gino Barboni helping out on the dual drums) and Aenema (“See, I told you it would work out,” Keenan announced), it was clear Tool, despite not having any new material, had come to deliver the goods.

Though, conceptually, it may have felt a bit weaker than, say, Muse’s concert at the Pacific Coliseum earlier this year, it was nonetheless a visual and auditory delight like few other contemporary acts — no matter what genre — can deliver."

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07-11-2010, 04:08 PM
It was the typical setlist, I'm too lazy to type it out!

When I heard tool was coming and tickets were on sale, all I said was I wanted to see third eye, and I knew there was a good chance since they don't have a new album out for this tour. And boy, it lived up to everything I expected. It kicked so much ass to hear that song live, and tool played it so well. THe sound in GM Place (thats still the name to me) is unreal. The only problem I had with the show was that after hearing third eye as the opener, the rest of the songs couldn't compete with that. It's an experience to hear that song, not just another song to rock out to. It might have been better as a closer!

Other than that, highlights for me were the extended sections of stinkfist and schism, the epic drum solo by danny and the guy from rajas during lateralus, and intolerance. Like it was said above, intolerance was unreal live and they killed it.

basically, they killed the whole show. and killed me (I was at the show on crutches with a banged up hip). Hopefully they are back for more in the future

07-12-2010, 07:14 PM
Wait, can I not edit my post? Oh well.

Here's my review.
(now i was quite ripped for the show so some details may be exaggerated/forgotten. not sure haha.)

so i went out before the show, did some usual BC activities, came back around 8:50 and got in line, well it wasnt much of a line. got through security with only a big scare of almost not being let in because of my "very intoxicated, and maybe angry buddy" how does security know if hes angry or not?

anyway, got in and sat for a little while in the light jammin out to whatever music they were playing over the PA or whatever in there. and in not too long the lights went down. the flicker of lighters and burning joints took over the crowd, as the flicker of timothy learys face took over the stage. i couldnt have felt more comfortable hah.

Third eye was all that i imagined and more, it was just so great, the visuals, the sound, just..... great. danny was just destroying his drum set, he just sits there looking up while his arms and legs swing around in a blur creating some magnificent sounds. ive always been amazed by his drumming while listening to the albums, but being there was like getting getting kicked in the chest by an angle. adam was shredding and sounding great, and jesus, i mean justin....well, he had his usual wood and was humping it a bit. i think he looks like he has the most fun of all the band members up there, or danny. but justin is probably the least popular member of the band, or maybe he just has the least exciting life hahaha. but its just great to see him having a blast up there.

the mix was great and the arena had amazing sound, everyone was perfectly level, not too much bass, not too much guitar, etc etc... maynard sounded so clear and almost the tone he had when he was younger.

Jambi, while i still think its one of their best openers, fit quite well in after third eye, the screens were better than last time i saw them in 07 and again everyone was on.

ions into stinkfist. stinkfist, despite how many people would like it removed from the setlist, is one that i love hearing. it was one of the first songs by tool id ever heard, so its got a special place in there for me. although i would not cry if it did get replaced by H. :)
the extended part kicks so much ass, and when it transitions back to the sound at the beginning of the album version, there is just such a huge burst of energy, i love it.

vicarious and the jam before it were amazing. im not sure if the jam before vicarious is what im thinking of, the synth/pink floyd style jam with electronic drums? but if some stuff like that is on the new album i will in no way be dissapointed. id never heard it before yet i was rockin out and lovin' it like it was a classic. vicarious was as visually pleasing as ever and the lasers were perfectly synced up and everything. great job junior and crew.

the patient is probably my favorite song of lateralus just because it has so much personal meaning to me. so that was awesome to hear. and even better seeing it live in an area where ill hopefully be living near in a year or two, be patient.....

Intolerence, YEAHHHHH!!!! God this song is amazing live, in the middle of it they just stopped and justin/adam/danny had a little intense jam. they caught almost everybody when they just stopped, but then 5 seconds later justin came in sounding so thunderous on that wonderful Wal of his. was great to see a song of that era too, being that i was just a toddler back then, i feel like ive still been a part of it, and thats a nice feeling.

schism and 46&2 were, as usual, perfect. probaby because they play it so much. they arent the most exciting songs because of how frequently played they are, but nonetheless, were awesome. and the drum solo in both along with the rest of the breakdown in schism are soooooo good. i hope some day they will record some of those songs with extensions in the studio. that schism extension.... i just dont know how to word it, but its incredible.

lateralus, probably my highlight of the night. everything with this song is so magical, the lyrics are some of my favorite tool lyrics, while not being very emotional, they are uplifting and some what spiritual maybe? i was just 'bewildered' by how perfect everything was.

aenema. the lights and visuals were wayyyyyy rad and the energy this song has to it is something else too.

well, the show was great, it was my second show.

it didnt quite have the magic that my first show had, but i feel i was able to really just take it all in, it was a different feeling that a first show but still quite amazing.

07-13-2010, 12:12 PM
During Aenema, an female audience member became annoying since this woman in front of me began mimicking the lyrics with her hands
Example: "three ring circus sideshow of freaks..." she actually put three fingers up, then formed a ring-shape with her fingers, and then proceeded to finger the entire crowd while MJK went off during "fuck all you..." part of the song.. GODDAM THIS WOMAN! I tried to move, but to no avail.

Lame woman aside, what a Phenomenal show!
Opening with Leary's speech made me wonder, " Wait, does this mean Third Eye will follow? Nahh... it's just an intro". But then, we all heard that familiar guitar feedback and Danny's drums - IT WAS HAPPENING! This made me absolutely freak out since I deemed the song to never again surface at a show due to the difficulty for MJK to ever pull off again -- but he did it!

Not sure if a recording from these shows will surface, but if they do, I'll be ecstatic!

07-14-2010, 01:55 PM
First of five shows of the tour for me. Had shitty seats for sound and visuals, but I did have a great view to watch DC put on a clinic. The air was smokey all night in the arena, thanks to all the beasters. Third Eye was the shit though. On to Seattle.