View Full Version : Crawl away...

10-10-2003, 04:31 PM
l think this song is trying to say that someone has used, and abused him one too many times. He's finally not going to take it anymore...which is why he doesn't give a fuck what they want or need. "What you're trying to say, is you don't wanna play, but what you want and what you need don't mean that much to me...l can see your back is turning, if l could l'd stick a knife in." l see that as him saying he's played alot so many times...and whoever you is, never does...so he doesn't care anymore...he's going to do what he wants anyways...and for the second part...he's been stabbed in the back too much by this person, and so now he's going to do the same...kinda like revenge is a bitter-sweet thing.

Just a though.