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12-09-2002, 06:28 AM
Hello Tooligans,
I found this info on a Green Jelly website, pretty interesting.

· On Tools album Aenima, there is a track called 'Message to Harry Manback' which is a real life threatening answer phone message set to a disturbing piano sequence. Hotsy Menshot: "The voice on "Message to Harry Manback" is my old friend Francesco, (from Rome, Italy) who would come and live with me and my old roommate Jerry, off and on. I kicked him out after he stole some possessions from Jerry, and he called that night on the answering machine because he was afraid of me, and couldn't threaten me to my face. He was 6'2" but only weighed 130 lbs and looked like Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. I could've broken him like a twig. He called back AGAIN the next morning, and that message was finally heard on "Message...pt. 2" on TOOL's SALIVAL. Anway, everyone used to imitate it from my impression, even though they have never heard it. YEARS later, I found the tape and played it for Maynard, who by THIS point, was my roommate. Next thing i knew...a few edits, some piano...viola! and by the way, "Harry Manback" is a joke name from the famous comedian, Bill Hicks (deceased). His comedy is quite worshipped by MJK as well as myself.

Lot`s of other cool facts on this page. It says Maynard actually met Danny through Green Jelly.

01-17-2003, 11:32 PM
wow thanks for the info :)