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06-15-2008, 03:06 PM
The more I listen to this song, the more often it is different to me each time. No, I have never done drugs, *cough*, and I do not think they are as important to understanding these songs as many people seem to think.

I am beginning to realize that in all of us lies the sin of habit; we get used to something that is comfortable or easy, afraid to go outside of it and afraid to let ourselves delve into things intangible. This is why some people turn to drugs, alcohol, as well as a number of things that help us "loosen our barriers" and think in new, different ways. I also think that one can achieve through meditation, deep thought, or a sense of awareness achieved by such means.

Lately, I have been lazy, and have not been willing to think in this way, not until very recently. There's so much people can do once they discover their souls and place, it leads to incredible dreams, aspirations, and innovations. I've also learned that failure to live also causes the loss of the things learned in such "thinking". This is why their MUST be a balance(There's the part of you that just wants to laugh and have fun, and there's the part of you that thinks things through and deeply which is manytimes depressing, yet inspiring)

This may apply to RS, thoughts?

06-15-2008, 07:07 PM
I think your on drugs, alcohol and/or tangible goods(you are confusing as fuck).

BUT i also think you are making a valid point. i agree that people(including myself), are too reliant on drugs and alcohol to bring out their 'creative' side. although i see this song being more about irresponsible drug use, than habitual usage. the main character being too fucked up, overwhelmed by the drug, to understand what is going on. he is so focused on getting blasted out of his mind, to take anything beneficial out of this experience. if we choose to we use drugs, we should use them as a tool (no pun intended), to help expand our experience, knowledge, imagination. however, we should hold onto what we take out of the experience(we must not "forget our pen").

this is what i get out of rosetta stoned...