View Full Version : My feelings on Eon Blue Apocalypse

12-06-2002, 08:29 AM
I feel that Eon was placed on this album just to help it flow better. If you listen to "Th Grudge" and then "The Patient" it doesn't sound as good. To me "Eon" is like a break between the two songs. Like "The Grudge" represents "Anger" and "The Patient" represents taking a step back and reflecting on what the anger is directed towards.Being patient and not letting anger overwhelm you is the message I get from "Th e Patient." With that said I feel that "Eon" is the middle ground between the two feelings. It is where you sit back and relax and think about "The Grudge" and then realize anger isn't going to help things patience will. And if you notice after "The Grudge" there isn't another "heavy" song until "Parabola."

I also feel "Mantra" has the same effect on "Schism" that "Eon" has on "The Patient." They just help prepare you for the mood changes on the album.