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  1. The most obvious.....
  2. Opiateology
  3. the desire for live opiate songs
  4. Best Song
  5. opiate compared to everything else
  6. The Least good Tool cd
  7. Weeell
  8. Cold and Ugly,jerk off live?
  9. Mayard's picture???
  10. Scary Album?
  11. Is this really that bad?
  12. This is good
  13. the goddess and her consort, the god
  14. Demos from 1991
  15. Bootlegs
  16. opiate is not regarded as well..?
  17. Freaking parents..
  18. Studio recordings of Cold and Ugly and Jerk Off?
  19. the best
  20. opiate on vinyl
  21. Warning
  22. Tales from the dark side
  23. I have an Idea
  24. annoying thing about the vinyl version
  25. The Flaming Turds
  26. Is it true...
  27. Opiate CD
  28. 2006 German Edition
  29. Opiate withdrawal = LSD
  30. Different Pressing?
  31. "72826" - the TOOL demo tape
  32. How can I distinguish the 92 original from the 98 reissue?
  33. likelihood of Opiate tracks being played on the fall tour?
  34. Favorite Songs on Opiate.
  35. What makes this EP so good?
  36. Maybe Opiate does have an overall theme to it...
  37. IMO Novel One
  38. Is Opiate anyone's FAVORITE album?
  39. Misprinted Vinyl on eBay (more interesting than it sounds)
  40. Is it Tool? Is it not?..... Arrggh
  41. weird tool tracks
  42. what did he just say?
  43. How can you tell the original vinyl pressing of Opiate?
  44. 72826
  45. Opiate Vinyl
  46. On Vinyl (hidden tracks)
  47. Opiate Vinyl Misprint?
  48. Word for word lyrics for Opiate.
  49. Trolling in the Albums section
  50. wholesale nike and jordan shoes
  51. I'm looking for a music video.
  52. Question regarding 72826 demo
  53. How many people have seen this?
  54. Which is your favorite album?
  55. Found a strange tool cd at Goodwill today
  56. anniversary opiate
  57. 1991 Demo tape 72826
  58. i'm not sure where to put this, but what is the backgound sign
  59. Could have sworn it was '91
  60. opiate alternate tracklist
  61. What happened to Maynards friend who thought he was a fire engine?
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  67. Opiate2 (Opiate Squared)